I usually used Advantage on my cats but one day unfortunately I bought Hartz at Wal Mart. My Lucy was so beautiful and loved every second of attention she got, she loved to talk to us, and play… she was so beautiful. Just a few days after I put the Hartz on her (the poison) God forgive me, she started having grand mal seizures. She has them constantly now, ten, twenty… we have no idea how many. She avoids us constantly, doesn’t want any attention and we have to listen to her constantly having having seizures under the bed. My vet said there is medicine but it may not work and cost $80.00 a month. I have to take the blame for her misery. She’s only going to get worse, more damage done constantly. If she only knew how sorry I am. My beautiful baby Lucy will never be the same again. I miss my Lucy, I miss her so very very bad. I take the blame for this- but why won’t Hartz? They KNOW the horrendous damage and death they are causing— and they could care less. They sell dog and cat foods also, God help the poor souls who are fed that. I wish those people could suffer– I PRAY they could suffer just like the poor innocent babies are. I care about the animals, I could care less about them. I have to take the blame for this and just as I type this more animals are being given this toxic poison. God help them, please don’t let them suffer. Please. Not them, let it be the cruel heartless ******** that make it and the stores who sell it- knowing they’re killing animals by doing it. Payback, please let there be payback. God bless my Lucy- and God bless all the innocent victims. I’m so sorry baby.

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