Hartz Killed My Cat

The day had come, and we had been waiting for it for over 2 years. It had come time to give my 5 year old cat flea medicine. He was an outside cat for the past 3 years and was the sweetest cat ever. I remember the day I got him, we picked him up at someone’s house for free and ever since then he was my cat. I had him since I was 11, and I am now 16 and a little more lonely. My dad and I went to petsmart, and picked up “Hartz Advanced” flea medication thinking we were doing good, getting rid of his fleas. Little did I know hours later our cat would be dead.

We applied the hartz as directed, exactly as directed. I am almost glad, after reading so many sad stories of cats and seizures, that Salem did pass and is not in any pain. After applying the hartz to him, my mom called my from outside and told me salem was dead. I freaked pretty much, and felt like it was all my fault. Ever since then I couldn’t imagine what had killed him. Now I know, and I will NEVER buy hartz again and STRONGLY discourage anyone from buying it!!!!!!!!!!!

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