hartz killed my beloved pets

In May 2004 my 9 year old cat became ill. Her mouth and thoat were swollen. When I took her to the vet he said ” she has a lung infection” and gave me antibotics to give her at home. After a week she seemed to be getting better. A week later she was on the floor struggling to breath. I rushed her to the vet but she died on the way and the vets office was closed. It was like losing my child. If only I had known that what really killed her was HARTZ FLEA and TICK DROPS i would NEVER have bought that product again. But my vet didn’t Give me any indication that she may be having an adverse reaction to HARTZ FLEA and TICK DROPS.
My 5 year old cat seemed lonely so I got another cat. On October 14, 2004 I purchased HARTZ FLEA AND TICK DROPS and applied it to both cats. On the evenig of Oct. 15th my 5 year old seemed sluggish and at one point fell and cried out in pain. I watched him closely through the night and he seemed to be okay. I called my vet’s office on the morning of the 16th. They said “Oh,Hartz is bad. You should wash it off immediately.” which I did. Nobody suggested that he may need medical treatment. On the evening of the 17th Flash came stumbling acroos the room and fell at my feet crying in pain. I once again called my vet and he basically told me my poor kitty was going to die from an allergic reaction to HARTZ FLEA and TICK DROPS because I didn’t have two hundred dollars up front to have hime hospitalized. He suggested trying to get liquids into him. ” That might help flush it from his system.” Flash was foaming at the mouth, he couldn’t breath very well and I could tell he was in alot of pain. It was then that I realized that Blackie had also been posioned by the same product.I tried giving him liquids but not much stayed down. He seemed to improve during the night but early the next morning he went into shock. I had to take him to a vet 50 milles from our home just so I could work out a payment plan. The vet told me flash was very ill but had a 75% chance of survival. But later that night my poor baby died. The vet said the toxin had just Damaged his organs too much. I can’t help but think that I killed him. I mean I bought the drops and put them on my poor inocent baby. But I had no idea that something that was supposed to control fleas that was being sold at my local walmart would harm him. I wonder if he would still be alive if the vet had told me to bring him in saturday or even sunday even though I didn’t have the money to pay two hundred dollars in advance.
Not only do I blame HARTZ for flash’s death but I also blame my vet for not doing something to help my baby.

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