my poor max

i have the most adorable long hair named max. my husband and i rescued him when he was only5 or 6 weeks old. max is my baby and i love him like a child. like alot of animals my cat got fleas. the moment i noticed i ran straigt to the store to to buy shampoo to treat him with. i bought hartz spray thinking that that was a trusted company. how wrong i was. 2 days after treating my beloved kitty he became ill. he still is sick even thou i re washed him in cat shampoo to get the spray off of him i am very scared that my baby will not make it. he is not playful and will not eat or drink.
after he became ill i called the company and was told cats become ill for a number of reasons and was hung up on. i do not understand how a company like hartz could not only release a dangerouse product but then tell consumers that its not there fault.

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