My experience with Hartz

Hello there;
A new found friend sent me to this site to do some reading. I recently purchased Hartz at Wal Mart for my cats. I’ll never purchase a cheaper product again. Because it ended up costing me a lot more than Frontline, in the end.
I applied the Hartz to three cats. I also aplied it to a small dog. One of my cats, my rescue cat Casper, became very ill. I took him to the vet, and three very long and expensive days later, they called and told me I could bring him home. I was very happy. They told me I was very lucky. They said 80 percent of the cats they see with Hartz on them never leave their office to go home again. I was quite happy to have him home again, but he’s never been quite the same since.
The other two cats I applied it to got somewhat ill, but upon bathing them, their symptoms were releived. Casper was the only one who went to the vet.
My dog, however, didn’t fare so well. He ran off the next day, and i didn’t find him for two weeks. When I found him, in the woods, he was dead. I started to do research after I took the cat to the vet, and saw many others with similar or worse stories. I contacted Hartz when I got the vet bill, and they told me to submit a copy of the vet bill, and a letter from the vet signed and confirming the animals ailments were due to the application of their product. I did this, and low and behold… Never heard another word from them. Furthermore, when I called to inquire as to what was being done, they informed me they had never spoken to me, or gotten any information from me. So to this day it is unresolved. It was a very emotional and scary experience. And if I could prevent one person from purchasing Hartz by submitting my experience, then its worth the time I took to type this out. Please, Please, Please beware folks. This stuff hurts and kills innocent animals. And deprives people of their loving pets. And Hearless Hartz doesn’t give a s**t.

Thanks for listening
Hope Leblond
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