Emma was a lucky one

Emma is one of our two kitties that was badly poisoned by the flea and tick drops. She was poisoned at the end of March, and, trying to get the drops off the shelves at Wal*Mart, my working for them at the time, I contacted the CEO of Wal*Mart directly. He put me in touch with someone who said they had talked to Hartz.
Well, I finally got through to talk to Dr. Richardson. She seemed nice, and told me that other products had already been taken down, and that she’d do what she could for Emma and to make sure that things didn’t progress too far.
Well, Emma was lucky. According to the vet we took her to, Emma was luckier than most cats that had come in, having their tongues severely burned by the drops. So they willingly faxed the information into Hartz.
But one of the doctors there stated that it couldn’t be their product, but that it must be calici virus. This was WITHOUT seeing Emma or without making any examination, so, after 2 days of having her being tortured to fix her for a problem Hartz created, they wanted her to go back in.
Well, they said that they would pay for the test to see if she carried calici. The test came back negative, which was no surprise to myself, my wife, or our regular vet. But then Hartz stopped all communication.
We started getting bills for the test they said they’d pay for. These bills were full charge, not part, as if Hartz had paid part.
We finally went to the better business bureau, after contacting Hartz by e-mail and being shunned, and got a response that the file on Emma had been closed.
We thought that meant it was paid, but we got another one saying we’d go to collections if we didn’t pay right away.
We went in and found out that Hartz had, in effect, contracted our vet to perform the test, then broke the contract. And, now, we’re bringing that back into their faces.

Enough is enough, let’s get Hartz to stop.

Little things really make a difference

Hi Everyone
I was giving a general update. My lil chow Symba is doing ok. She had horrible bowel problems for a few days after but now seems to be ok. As for the Hartz product, I have been working my butt off to try to arise awareness about this horrible brand. I have posted the Hartz flyer at the local dog parks around town and have had numerous conversations with strangers who have pets just to let them know the problem. I have posted the petition website on my Instant messanger profile and have already gotten 7 more signatures I am hoping that will grow. I enlarged the bumper sticker logan and taped it to my Explorer sports side windows and have had multiple people ask me while driving about what Hartz is. I tell them of course to visit this website and tell their friends. I also having 5 dogs have gone to multiple pet stores and supermarkets around my area and posting the Hartz flyer right on top of the Hartz products hoping that the workers think it is just something that was put up. I have emailed my sorority about the problem and have told them to pass the word on and to sign the petition! so far, even this little has had a big effect! I have let so many people know how horrible a problem this brand is and hope to do even more. I will keep everyone updated! If anyone wants to inform me of more things to do or things to get involved with please email me. I am from Los Angeles but live in Tucson attending the University of Arizona. Feel free to email me anyone!

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Unknown illness – may be Hartz

I purchased Hartz flea and tick drops for the first time at Petco a couple of months ago for cost saving purposes. I have always used Advantage but I thought I would save $. Was I wrong. When I gave Slick AKA The Cutest Kitty in the World, the treatment she immediatley acted “different”. She didn’t have the violent shaking or lethargic tendencies but she didn’t act like she felt well and that something was “following here”. My first thought was the strong perfume like smell of the medication. A few weeks past and she became weaker. When I realized her eating had slowed and found her eating cat litter I took her the vet. Every test revealed nothing. She had quit reproducing red blood cells and her counts were down from what should have been around 36 to 11, almost death. She tested negative for Hemobartonella but they decided to treat her in the same way as if she was positive. Two weeks of Baytrill (Antibiotic), Prednisolone (Steroid), Vitamin B12 and $500 we have our crazing, fun loving and playful darling back. Seh isn’t 100%. Now that I have read some of your stories it seems as if there may be some brain damage. The vet doesn’t seem to think it was Hartz but what other explanation could there be.
I had no idea about Hartz until I came across a flyer by accident. More people need to know. I can’t prove my case is direcly realated but that’s not going to stop me from passing the word.
My heart and prayers go out to all VICTIMS.

MY DOG was very sick

My dog which is Rott/Shep mixed became very sick today(Sun)…. I had no clue what was going on because he was fine Friday… Everything I fed him he could not hold down… he WANTED to eat but he couldnt hold his food down… I felt so bad seeing him this way… he’s never really been sick sick…. he’s 11 yrs old and most days is very playful for a dog his age…. I sat by him most of the day today crying because I felt as though he was dying… I couldnt take him to the vet because the vets around here are closed on Sunday… I was scared he was dying… from old age… my neighbor came home and told me its possible it could be the flea collar that I had just put on him…. I didnt think about this since he had a HARTZ flea collar on prior to the one I had just put on him Saturday…. but it ALL made sense…. before the one I put on Saturday he had one on and since then he had been slightly depressed I thought….well when he started puking I began to think all these symptoms occured after I put the flea collars on him…. so I immediately took the collar off….. my neighbor told me about this site… and I was in awe of all the people who have had problems with HARTZ!!! I am so upset that I bought this thing… I sat down today and read the box and on the back describes ALL the symptoms my dog was showing…. I can PROMISE YOU I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HARTZ product again….thank you for this site, now I dont feel so alone with the fact of a “stupid flea collar” making my dog VERY sick!!! I hope he recovers from this soon…. its off and he’s sleeping now so maybe he’ll pull thru it…. thanks for letting me share my story and I hope it helps some other person who feels stupid when they think a flea collar couldnt be causing major problems for their animals… IT”S NOT STUPID!!! It can happen!!!


My French Bulldog is damaged

My French Bulldog is now unable to walk because I foolishly bought her a flea and tick collar. She had it on for just over 24 hours before I noticed a real change in her behavior and an inability to do anything except sit. The vet gave her an “antidote” but I’m not sure if anything will improve. Has anyone else’s dog recovered from the flea collar?

Why would Walmart sell such a product? Probably for the same reasons they pay their workers so poorly.

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Two of my cats about died due to Hartz

I applied Hartz Flea Medicine to all of my cats. The next day, my two youngest which are sisters, were having severe twitching of their bodies. My daughter and I rushed them to the vet which would have been closed in 10 minutes. We entered the door and told the vet that something bad was wrong with our cats. She asked, ” Have you given them any medication or put anything on them.” I said “yes, flea medicine.” She said, “Hartz brand.” I said, “How did you know.” They were rushed to the back, given a bath in Dawn dish detergent, given IV fluids with IV steriods and valium. Their temperatures rose to 105, they were convulsing, frothing at the mouth and their eyes were glassed over. I knew they weren’t going to make it. Luckily, the vet and her staff saved my babies. The vet told me that this was too common of an occurence for Hartz Flea Meds and most animals do not make it. I called Hartz the next day, sent the info they needed, and I was reimbursed for my vet bill and the product. It sickens me that they are still allowed to sell this poison on the market. Why don’t they just start selling antifreeze for dogs and cats instead of hiding behind the marketing too that it is a flea killer. It is an animal killer and every chance I get to dis their product, I do. I hadn’t thought about contacting the EPA or FDA until I saw this website, but I will now. I think this website and others like it are great. I thought Hartz was a respectable product but I found out the hard way that it isn’t. I will pay the extra money to buy Frontline from now on. It is not worth risking my babies’ lives for a few dollars.
Thanks for letting me speak,
Kim Denton
Elizabethton, TN

Hartz Flea Control

Yesterday I bought Hartz Flea Control for Cats and applied the product to both of my cats. I have used this product all summer long without incident and unaware of the potential danger.

Well, this morning something tragic happened. In my morning routine of feeding my cats, I noticed “Abby” was not around. Reese’s, her parnter in crime, was ready for the prey. This was unusual, as many of you know that a cat will nearly trip you when it comes to feeding. I did a search of the house, thinking that she may have been sleeping. NOTHING. I did several calls of her name and used the usual shaking of the cat food bag, that will have her awake out of a dead sleep. But still, NOTHING. Concerned at this point, I did a scout around the house thinking she may have gotten out, although very unlikely. Finally I checked in a crawl space under an addition to our house. With a flashlight in hand, I crawled through the 24 inch space through dirt calling Abby’s name. Finally…I heard a MEOW, but one of that in distress. As I continued to crawl through the dirt I located my feline companion shiver and shaking in the rear corner. Knowing that something was immediately wrong, I scruffed her and pulled her along with me out into the open. I put her into her kittie carrier and rushed her to the vet. Initially, I though maybe she ingested some poison that might have been under the house. When the Vet asked if there was anything we had done to her out of the ordinary in the last 24 hours, I responded that I gave her some cat nip and applied Hartz Flea Control to her. The vet immediately knew what was the culprit behind this situation.

As I write this, Abby is recovering at the vet. She may be there a few days, but it looks promising. My wife, daughter and I visited her this afternoon. Although she was still tremoring a bit, she was responsive to our scratching behind her ears and even purred a bit. I just hope the next 24-36 hours are promising and look forward to bringing Abby home.

The real point to my story is that there needs to be more education and consumer awareness about this product. Anyone that uses this product isn’t intending to harm their pet, but inadvertantly ends up doing so. Not only is that a bad feeling to experience, it is unethical for a company to continue to produce a product know to harm animals. Hence this website.


Our cat Bubba is 17 (outdoor/indoor cat), and is in pretty good shape for his age. He runs, plays, and sitll jumps up onto my parents bed.A friend of ours is a cat expert, and told us our cat has worms. so my mother went out and bought Hartz dewormer.we gave him the medication on 10/10/04, and the next day he stareted having minor seizures. This scares me to death because i have had Bubba all my life, and it would kill me if i knew he died because we gave him defective medication.
It’s gotta make you wonder if anybody who works at Hartz has any conscience at all.

Ashley, devoted cat lover

Lily Survives: It’s Not Enough!

Yes my Lily was also poisoned. She is my beautiful, funny, gentle, loving baby feline. I have never had such a remarkable relationship. She has never refused my affections in any way. Rather it seemed we could never spoil each other with enough love and attention. She is an integral part of my daily existence. She is my dear and special family member. She is my baby.

She survived her mother?s huge mistake of buying “Hartz Poison-In-A-Box”. But she is not the same… She is not happy. She seems consistently irritated. She flicks her tail non-stop as though she is angry. She never did this before. She doesn?t sleep with me now. She doesn’t fetch her ‘mousey’ anymore… She lays with her paws curled up like they are wrapped in rubber bands, she never did this before either…

She is suffering from some sort of residual effect, I KNOW it! She goes in to see an expert in neurology, oncology, and cardiology next week. If any of you have any residual effects that you could share with me, I’d be ever so grateful. I’d even appreciate any copies of vet records if you?re so inclined. The veterinary hospital I go to is one of the best in California. www.encinavet.com They are in constant contact with the advancements in veterinary medicine, given our proximity to Davis.

I am taking this as far as I can until my Lily is healthy and comfortable again. I want her (and mine) quality of life back. Period. And I will stop at nothing to get there.

Thank you all, for supporting this site. I’m confident that this site will be the driving force that leads to the eradication of such products.