my puppy has tape worms and i bought hertz medication that goes on the food and they he digests it to get rid of them i read the article about the cats liver failure. is there any possibility that this will happen to my puppy? i only used one application so far so please let me know asap

Zodiac reaction

I used the “Zodiac” flea control products for the first and last time EVER last night on my two cats. Within 20 minutes of application, both were foaming at the mouth, drooling, and having difficulty breathing. I called the emergency vet clinic, and they recommended washing both thouroughly with dawn diswashing detergent. Thank God that is the brand I use!

Both are okay now, but I am disgusted that these dangerous products continue to be sold to unknowing consumers. I’ll just stick with cat shampoo and the flea comb.

Jennifer in Dayton, Ohio

Hartz Must Be Stopped NOW!!!

A few weeks ago, my husband bought Hartz’s Advanced Flea & Tick Treatment from Wal Mart because our cat, Carter, was scratching more than normal. We thought that his flea collar wasn’t working well enough and that he needed a “stronger & better” product.

Well, we certainly got a “stronger” product, but surely not a “better” one. Later on that day, after we applied the product, we noticed that he was rather listless and wasn’t eating much. The next morning, we found traces of hair around our home where it had fallen out from the application site. He was even more lethargic, confused and walked with an abnormal gait.

Around 10:30 that evening, we decided to call the emergency vet to discuss his condition. They immediately asked us to bring him in after I mentioned “Hartz Flea & Tick Drops”. We were so frightened knowing that we could have seriously injured or killed our own cat!

I’m writing this message because I want everyone, ESPECIALLY HARTZ EMPLOYEES, to see what an absolutely horrifying product this is and how it traumatized us for nearly 48 hours. Corporate greed is a very ugly monster to fight, but we all must do it together. Our pets have to depend upon us since they certainly can’t on Hartz.

Thank you.

Hartz Advanced Flea & Tick drops almost killed my cat

I used Hartz Adv Flea and tick drop for Kittens and under 10lbs on my one fully grown cat who is not above 10lbs and found her 2 hours later twitching her ear and running around with head turned to the side. I called the emergency clinic and they wanted $300 to just look at her at 1AM so I just bathed my cat and took her to my normal vet in the morning 6 hours later. They put her on an IV of muscle relaxer to get rid of the twitching and bathed her again with Dove soap.
After 2 days she stopped twitching and now it has been almost a month and she is doing fine as far as I can tell. I shudder to think tho if I had used that stuff on a little kitten!
I will never use Hartz brand anything ever again and god help them if they send me a response like the one posted in the PDF file and won’t reimburse me the $325.00 if costed to take her to the normal vet, never mind the $6-700 it would’ve cost me if I had taken her to the emergency clinic. I’m just glad my other cat fought so much that I didn’t bother trying to put it on her that same night, otherwise I would be trying to collect double the amount it cost me for the one cat.
I am attempting to get the manager at the Publix shopping center to ban the Hartz products and I will use these stories as reasons to why they should not sell Hartz products at their store.

Asking for prayers

Asking for prayers for my sweet cat “Sadie”. Aroung 6:00pm this evening I gave her a dosage of Hartz flea drops. About 2 hours later, she was drooling badly and shaking. I rushed her to the bathroom and washed the medicine off. About an hour later, she began to have seizures, and started screaming. Since it is Sunday, only the emergency animal clinic was open and wanted $700.00 to give my cat a muscle relaxer to help the convulsions, and monitor her overnight. They said even with that treatment, my cat is most likely going to die. Researching on the internet, I came across this site.” How can this company continue to sell this poison? I urge any animal lover to spread awareness of this evil corporation.

We have given her a small dosage of valium and have been monitoring her. It has been 13 hours since the application and she is still in bad shape. However, she is beginning to turn her head slightly when she hears a noise. She still hasn’t moved. Her eyes won’t focus and she’s shaking terribly.

I have taken pictures, and contacted a lawyer and local news stations. I do plan to file a lawsuit first thing in the morning. I’m going to make the biggest deal out of this that I can. It is currently 7am. Hartz Corporation will open in 2 hours and they will certainly get an earful from me. Please pray for Sadie. Thanks.

My cats are poisoned and I’m beside myself

I noticed a few fleas in the house and fleas on my cats, so I went to to Petland, a NYC chain pet store, to get flea collars for them. They advised me to use Hartz advanced Care Flea & Tick drops Plus+ 4 in 1. I bought two sets and yesterday evening went to the Hartz website to read the instructions for application carefully, and watched the application video. I then applied the product as described. The instructions for applications led me to believe that it would be a drop of liquid that would be applied to their skin through the parted fur, but there was so much liquid in the vial that it spread all over the back of their necks.

My 5 yr old cats were upset at the product on their fur and immediately started scratching it off with their hind legs and then licking their feet clean. As the evening wore on, they became more and more disturbed. I noticed that they had begun to groom each other to get rid of the stuff, which meant they were ingesting it. I was already concerned but decided to wait until morning to see if there were bad reactions. By morning they were still sleeping when I got up. Then they started stumbling around crying, their heads were bobbing, and they were suffering confusion. We took them to the vet and he said he sees about three cases a week of such adverse reactions. They will be hospitalized for three days on IVs and being treated for trauma and tested for other horrible reactions.

My Angel died from Hartz flea shampoo

On September 13, 04 I bought Hartz Conditioning Flea and Tick shampoo at a local Walmart to bath my 5 year old shih-tzu “Angel” in because we had discovered fleas on her and the vet was closed. We had always used products from the vet in the past, but because Angel is allergic to fleas, I knew that something had to be done immediately. My husband and I bathed her in the shampoo, and by the next morning, on September 14th, she was cool and breathing heavily. She also had began coughing. I called my vet, and he said to bring her in that afternoon. By the time we got there, her breathing was even more troubled, and although our vet gave her every medication known to help her symptoms, nothing was working. Her heartrate was over 200 and her respirations were over 60 per minute. We stayed there with her half the night, and by 5 am the next morning, she was gone. Her lungs finally couldn’t withstand the pressure, and she started bleeding out her mouth and nose. When the vet called me to tell me that she was gone, we picked her up in a body bag. I couldn’t stand to think of her in a plastic bag, and made my husband take her out. I was horrified at the sight I saw. My little baby had blood all over her body from bleeding and suffocating on her own blood. I cannot imagine how she felt in those last hours of her life, and I feel such unimaginable guilt for putting this poison on her. Knowing that her death did not have to happen, and could have been prevented if only I had known the dangers of this product. I was told by the vet and by all the research I have done in the past few days that the respiratory reaction that my Angel suffered is rare. I can only hope that is is rare enough that no other pet has to suffer the same horror. I cannot imagine choking to death on my own blood. I have also found out that an 11 year old child suffered the same fate..with identical symptoms and an identical ending, just from bathing her pet in this shampoo. It could have been one of my children! This is unacceptable! I hope that Hartz is enjoying the money they are making by poisoning helpless animals.
If anyone else has lost a pet in this way, or knows of this reaction happening to another animal, please let me know. My email address is [email protected]

Cat in Trouble!

Last night I used Hartz Advanced Care Flean and Tick Drops+ and woke up to a frightened, shaking, irritated cat. I realized it must be the drops and went to the Web for information only to find TONS of warnings and tragic stories! I have since bathed the cat (not an easy task) and am off to the vet. Wish us luck. This product MUST be removed from the market! A cat can live with a flea problem, nurological damage is another issue!


I’m just a few days away from my wedding and everythings hectic. I noticed my 2 cats had fleas so I go to Petco and buy them Hartz Advanced Plus. I always buy them Advantage but it was 6pm and the vets were closed, plus I was hoping for an easy solution. I work the graveyard shift. I did a little search on Hartz and I find all these horror stories. Around 2am I rush home and looked for both of them. Tinker pops his head out of the room, he’s fine. So I looked for Mochi, I couldn’t find him. I checked all his usual places, nothing. I looked under the bed and I found him but he was shaking. I grabbed both of them and washed their necks. Had to rush back to work. As I write this, I am praying that they are ok. Once I’m done with my shift I’m heading home and taking them to the vet. I will give an update on their conditions. For Harz sake, they had better be ok.

KItty went bald !!!

I always bought the drops for the back of thier necks…usually frontline.But i had some stuff come up that week and my cat was in need of her drop .. she is alergic to fleas…so she needs em.Well i bought hartz thinking it would be ok.And shortly after i put that stuff on her neck .. her hair started to fall out. I thought she was shedding..She is a long haired cat..Until the next day …MY cat was almost bald.ALl her nice long black thick hair was thin and almost gone. I cried..I had to rush her to the vet..And it was from the drops i used.. she had a reaction to it.