I also have a cat that was affected by a Hartz product. My sons 8 mo. old kitten had fleas… so today my brother and I went to Krogers to get him some flea spray …. it said that it would kill the fleas in 5-10 minutes. what it neglected to say was that it may also kill your cat w/ in 24 hrs after use. After standing in the pet aisle for several minutes reading the bottles we chose Hartz Flea and tick repellent and when I got home I applied it to Smokey… for a long haired cat he was to get 15-25 sprays, but I didnt use that many sprays … a few hrs later Smokey was staggering around and had diarrhea and was drooling…. so I washed him several times (with bar soap) and wrapped him in a few towels and in a heating pad because he wouldnt stop shaking …my sister read that valuim worked on several other cats that were POISONED by Hartz products…. so right now Smokey is finally eating and drinking which is something he wouldnt do earlier before. I think we may have caught his poisoning in the nick of time . And dont bother trying to call the Hartz phone number.. I tried and no one answered … they seem to want to kill your pets instead of trying to help them !!!

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