Almost Lost my cat :-(

Have been battling a flea problem between my 2 dogs and 1 cat…spraying everything inside and out for weeks but to no avail. Unsuspectingly bought some Hartz flea control drops for my cat and placed a tube on him in the morning. By the time I got home from work, he was tremoring terribly and his eyes were glazed over. I quickly bathed him and called the vet who told me to IMMEDIATLEY bring him in once I told him I had used a Hartz flea control product on him. They said they lost many animals from the use of this product. I rushed him to the ER and he spent the night on IV and shots for the tremors. Luckily I got him there in time for them to save him but it cost me $400 in vet bills not to mention almost losing him forever. The vet told me they have been trying to get them to remove their products from the shelves for years because not only does it kill innocent animals but it DOESN”T EVEN WORK!!! But, they obviously do not care about animals, only their own pockets. I will never buy another Hartz product ever again!!!

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