My CAt Was poisoned and has now been killed

Sunday September 19th, 2004 my family and i brought homea beautiful orange tabby 14 weeks old. he was the most lovable thing. I have a 2 1/2 month old son that cuddled and played him so when I found a flea I wanted to treat him. It was suggested to me that with my finacial situation I could get a cheap treatment at the store. That Monday night, i gave him the treatment and he seemed to be okay. The next day I noticed that there was no poop in the litter box and his food was barely touched. (Flea treatment was Hartz Plus 4 in 1, 10lbs and under) i watched the cat that Tuesday night, he seemed fine no irritation to the skin, which by the way was the only side affect listed on the package. he played well but was very tired that night. Wednesday morning, i cleaned his clean cat box. there was no poop or pee in the box. so when i got off work that day i washed off what ever was left of the treatment on his fur. and tried to give him something to eat. all he did was stare at his bowl so i made an appointment to be seen the next day. Thursday morning still a clean litter box and the food wasnt touched. I took the cat in to the animal emergency room when he started to vomit. Unfortunately, i was sent home because by this time he was too dehydrated and i didn’t have the money to keep him there. i was told to keep him warm until the morning thencall up a couple of vets that would do payment plans. Friday morning at 5 am i heard the kitten moaning so i went to his cage and he was tremoring violently, then vomited bile and poop. He passed on 3 minutes later.

The directions on the box read only that it was toxic to fish, The side affects that read after the topic of toxic the domesticated animals only said that it would irritate the skin, so wash it off if that occured. it said nothing about the kitty inhaling it or anything. My Kitten didn;t have the side affects listed on the box. When i went to the store today, that product ( the same thing that i bought) was either sold out or taken off the shelf. I read the other boxes and they listed more side affects, still not including consumption or inhaling the product. Also the product i bought was the only one that said to drip the product from the base of the head to the base of the tail and it was the one with the lease amount of side affects listed. Is there anything I can do? Posible lawsuit? Help! Hurting family, missing their kitten.

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