My 3 cats all adversely affected by Hartz

My wife and I have 3 cats. She applied Hartz to all 3 and they all had horrible reactions to it and I consider us lucky none are dead. My 1st cat, a 20 lbs Maine Coon, shortly after being treated with Hartz went into some sort of seizure and lost bowel and bladder control. My 2nd cat had labored breathing and horrible blistering of the application site. My 3rd cat had blistering and hair loss in the application site. I’ve paid close to 700 dollars in vet bills, but I would have paid twice that if my cats could have avoided going through this. On top of all the medical problems, it had no affect on the fleas.

I live in the San Diego area and would like to know if anyone has been successful in a lawsuit against Hartz. Something has to be done about them because they have a lethal product on the shelves.

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