Lucky Kitty

Less than 24 hrs. ago, we gave our 3 cats Hartz flea and tick drops. This morning, one of my cats couldn’t walk, couldn’t open her eyes, and was having seizures. We rushed her to the vet, diagnosed with a toxic reaction to the Hartz. She spent the next 24 hrs. hooked to IV fluid, Valium, and Diazepam. She came home to us tonite, but is still lethargic, not eating, and stumbles, mostly staying on the couch. Also, she now has high toxic levels of the Hartz in her liver, which may or may not ever be normal. We’re very fortunate to have her home, but this once healthy, energetic, and loving kitty will never be the same. What we thought was something to comfort her and our family during flea season, has left our hearts broken, and our days full of guilt. PLEASE, don’t use Hartz on your kitties! She is still our precious pet, as well as part of our family, and we will cherish her and love her for the rest of our days together.

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