Hartz Must Be Stopped NOW!!!

A few weeks ago, my husband bought Hartz’s Advanced Flea & Tick Treatment from Wal Mart because our cat, Carter, was scratching more than normal. We thought that his flea collar wasn’t working well enough and that he needed a “stronger & better” product.

Well, we certainly got a “stronger” product, but surely not a “better” one. Later on that day, after we applied the product, we noticed that he was rather listless and wasn’t eating much. The next morning, we found traces of hair around our home where it had fallen out from the application site. He was even more lethargic, confused and walked with an abnormal gait.

Around 10:30 that evening, we decided to call the emergency vet to discuss his condition. They immediately asked us to bring him in after I mentioned “Hartz Flea & Tick Drops”. We were so frightened knowing that we could have seriously injured or killed our own cat!

I’m writing this message because I want everyone, ESPECIALLY HARTZ EMPLOYEES, to see what an absolutely horrifying product this is and how it traumatized us for nearly 48 hours. Corporate greed is a very ugly monster to fight, but we all must do it together. Our pets have to depend upon us since they certainly can’t on Hartz.

Thank you.

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