Hartz Advanced Flea & Tick drops almost killed my cat

I used Hartz Adv Flea and tick drop for Kittens and under 10lbs on my one fully grown cat who is not above 10lbs and found her 2 hours later twitching her ear and running around with head turned to the side. I called the emergency clinic and they wanted $300 to just look at her at 1AM so I just bathed my cat and took her to my normal vet in the morning 6 hours later. They put her on an IV of muscle relaxer to get rid of the twitching and bathed her again with Dove soap.
After 2 days she stopped twitching and now it has been almost a month and she is doing fine as far as I can tell. I shudder to think tho if I had used that stuff on a little kitten!
I will never use Hartz brand anything ever again and god help them if they send me a response like the one posted in the PDF file and won’t reimburse me the $325.00 if costed to take her to the normal vet, never mind the $6-700 it would’ve cost me if I had taken her to the emergency clinic. I’m just glad my other cat fought so much that I didn’t bother trying to put it on her that same night, otherwise I would be trying to collect double the amount it cost me for the one cat.
I am attempting to get the manager at the Publix shopping center to ban the Hartz products and I will use these stories as reasons to why they should not sell Hartz products at their store.

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