My Angel died from Hartz flea shampoo

On September 13, 04 I bought Hartz Conditioning Flea and Tick shampoo at a local Walmart to bath my 5 year old shih-tzu “Angel” in because we had discovered fleas on her and the vet was closed. We had always used products from the vet in the past, but because Angel is allergic to fleas, I knew that something had to be done immediately. My husband and I bathed her in the shampoo, and by the next morning, on September 14th, she was cool and breathing heavily. She also had began coughing. I called my vet, and he said to bring her in that afternoon. By the time we got there, her breathing was even more troubled, and although our vet gave her every medication known to help her symptoms, nothing was working. Her heartrate was over 200 and her respirations were over 60 per minute. We stayed there with her half the night, and by 5 am the next morning, she was gone. Her lungs finally couldn’t withstand the pressure, and she started bleeding out her mouth and nose. When the vet called me to tell me that she was gone, we picked her up in a body bag. I couldn’t stand to think of her in a plastic bag, and made my husband take her out. I was horrified at the sight I saw. My little baby had blood all over her body from bleeding and suffocating on her own blood. I cannot imagine how she felt in those last hours of her life, and I feel such unimaginable guilt for putting this poison on her. Knowing that her death did not have to happen, and could have been prevented if only I had known the dangers of this product. I was told by the vet and by all the research I have done in the past few days that the respiratory reaction that my Angel suffered is rare. I can only hope that is is rare enough that no other pet has to suffer the same horror. I cannot imagine choking to death on my own blood. I have also found out that an 11 year old child suffered the same fate..with identical symptoms and an identical ending, just from bathing her pet in this shampoo. It could have been one of my children! This is unacceptable! I hope that Hartz is enjoying the money they are making by poisoning helpless animals.
If anyone else has lost a pet in this way, or knows of this reaction happening to another animal, please let me know. My email address is [email protected]

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