Asking for prayers

Asking for prayers for my sweet cat “Sadie”. Aroung 6:00pm this evening I gave her a dosage of Hartz flea drops. About 2 hours later, she was drooling badly and shaking. I rushed her to the bathroom and washed the medicine off. About an hour later, she began to have seizures, and started screaming. Since it is Sunday, only the emergency animal clinic was open and wanted $700.00 to give my cat a muscle relaxer to help the convulsions, and monitor her overnight. They said even with that treatment, my cat is most likely going to die. Researching on the internet, I came across this site.” How can this company continue to sell this poison? I urge any animal lover to spread awareness of this evil corporation.

We have given her a small dosage of valium and have been monitoring her. It has been 13 hours since the application and she is still in bad shape. However, she is beginning to turn her head slightly when she hears a noise. She still hasn’t moved. Her eyes won’t focus and she’s shaking terribly.

I have taken pictures, and contacted a lawyer and local news stations. I do plan to file a lawsuit first thing in the morning. I’m going to make the biggest deal out of this that I can. It is currently 7am. Hartz Corporation will open in 2 hours and they will certainly get an earful from me. Please pray for Sadie. Thanks.

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