I’m just a few days away from my wedding and everythings hectic. I noticed my 2 cats had fleas so I go to Petco and buy them Hartz Advanced Plus. I always buy them Advantage but it was 6pm and the vets were closed, plus I was hoping for an easy solution. I work the graveyard shift. I did a little search on Hartz and I find all these horror stories. Around 2am I rush home and looked for both of them. Tinker pops his head out of the room, he’s fine. So I looked for Mochi, I couldn’t find him. I checked all his usual places, nothing. I looked under the bed and I found him but he was shaking. I grabbed both of them and washed their necks. Had to rush back to work. As I write this, I am praying that they are ok. Once I’m done with my shift I’m heading home and taking them to the vet. I will give an update on their conditions. For Harz sake, they had better be ok.

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