Our baby Splash

I bought a package of the Hartz 3 in 1 drops to treat a flea problem with our girl Splash and her + 3 month old kittens as they were old enough and we were getting them ready to go to new homes.
We had used other flea products on her such as Frontline without incident so we had no reason to think that this product would cause a sensitivity problem. We put it on her around 5pm last night and saw no reaction other than she sat off by herself for a bit. I went to work around 11:30pm and my daughter went to bed (she’s 21). Around 3:30 am she thought she had heard something but went back to sleep at around 7:30 when she woke up she found our girl shaking uncontrolably in her liter box. She called the vet emergency clinic. They were getting ready to close and notified our vet that we were coming. We rushed her to the vets office only to find out that this had happened with other pets. I got online and found your site and a multitude of stories about this terrible product. I was outraged and got on the phone with not only Hartz but the epa. I then moved on to call my congressmans office. I was refered to the consumer protection agency, who refered me to the fda. I called my local newspaper and realied my story to them I am planing on going to NBC ABC CBS and any other media program I can think of. This has got to stop and unless something is done on a national level nothing is going to happen. We need to pull together and make a true organized effort to put a stop to this product. Not just getting online and telling our stories or suing them in indiviual small claims. This is how they hide this dangerous product. And a few hundred people not buying the product is not going to hurt them.
There are millions of pet people out there remember this is a billion $ industry and in order to do anything it needs to be done in mass.
My name is Deb and I would like to hear from anyone who has ideas on how to do this as a unit and not as individuals. My email is [email protected] or [email protected],com
We are looking at losing our girl who is now in a coma and a hugh vet bill. If she makes it we may still have to put her down depending on the amount of brain damage that is done.
I for one think its time we gather and say enough.
Deb and Sarah in Syracuse, NY

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