On Sunday August 29th, around 9pm, I put Hartz advanced flea drops on all 3 of our cats, ages 4, 2, and 5 months. by the next morning around 4:30, our 2 year old Female Khana was throwing up. I put the food up , as She has gotten sick like that from Advange, due to licking the product off her fur.
I took my Husband to work, came home and went to bed. round 8 am , Jenna our 4 year old crawled into bed with me shivering like she was freezing. I looked at her eyes and her pupils were completely dialated. shocked I sat up and watched in horror as my cat had a grand mall seizure. I called the vet, He told me to bathe all the cats, in Dawn dishwashing liquid, and get Jenna in as soon as possible. I bathed Khana and she imediately improved. I only put a small drop of the stuff on the kitten so she was not ill, but taking no chances I bathed her too. Last I washed Jenna, who was shacking so badly she could not sit in sink. I had to hold her head up so she would not drown. I got her to the Vet and they imediately admitted her and treated her with IV meds and put in a cathitor to monitor her urine out put. they had to sedate her for the seizures, and give her muscel relaxers to prevent injury and Brain damage.
Jenna spent 12 hours in the hospital, and the vet bills were nearly $200.00. Do not put any of the Hartz products on your cats, it not worth the money you think you are saving by buying it instead of a safe product from your Vet.

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