Unreal Threat

Two days ago I have given my pet cat Rich flea drops ,not knowing what the out come could be. Thinking this product was safe because it was made by a company that seemed to be well known and over the counter.(blind trust).A horrifing and slow death was the farthest thing on my mind, so inhuman. but I and my kids witness it on are cat Rich thinking we did good to help him out with his fleas. well it killed him we had to put him down there was no saving him,it was to late. What we wittnessed was horritfing, something you would seein a labtest on animals or terroist. CRUEL these products are being sold at the expense of are animals, this stuff is wrong ,totally wrong man. No animal or human should evergo thourgh this kind of suffering. this stuff is not safe please do not use!

Vet Bill

After using the Advanced Care 4in1 I had to take one of my cats to the vet and have him stay overnight,have IV Fluid drip, and cost was $295, plus then the cost of buying Advantage, after having already spent the money for Hartz.
Why is Hartz still allowed to sell the products that are dangerous, or dangerous also because they don’t work??
I wish we could stop the sale of this product and others that Hartz has that cause damage to pets.
Has anyone received any compensation or acknowledgement from Hartz?

Seizure Symptoms 2

It’s been about a week or two since I posted. Oh! My mother informed me that my cat was 8, not five. He’s growing up too much on me. Anyway, he has had four seizures since I posted, and who knows how many while we were gone. He’s twitching constantly. He has developed two more bald spots and has lost a little more weight. He never stops that painful “meow” that you can hear all the way up the street. Unfortunately, we may have to put him down and I blame it all on Hartz. I saw a video online with a Hartz worker having an interview. He seemed nervous when they mentioned death in the animals and when asked about how many animals have died from their product, he stuttered and mumbled and never gave much info on it. If there are so many animals are dying or already dead, why even sell it? I hate to see my cat this way, and he probably won’t heal from it. I would hate to lose him but I don’t want him to suffer. I’m confused and don’t know which way to go. I feel horrible for people who have lost their pets or are losing their pets the same way as mine. :'(