My Emmy’s Gone, Used Hartz Flea & Tick Shampoo

I used this shampoo on my Emmy and I know it had to be what made her sick. It was used on her the night before she went to the vet for her ears.

Five days later she died, her liver had failed and she was like she was paralyzed, she could not even move.
I didn’t even know about Hartz till this week on our news, and they gave this website.

I also have to other cats, and thank goodness they hate baths. But The Hartz Hairball Remedy, have any of you had any problems with it?

Everytime last week I gave it to my cat Charger
he would vomit it up. Guess it was for a reason since all this has come out.

He was throwing up friday night into saturday.
He or Abbi sure want get anything else Hartz thats for sure.
I will pass the word around about this website.

Katie & Tess

On August 22 while at PetSmart, I picked up a package of Hartz(R) “one-spot” ointment for cats under 10 lbs. Katie is about 9 lbs; Tess is 13 lbs. The ointment was applied and Katie immediately didn’t care for it – though I took it as her being fussy for having this treatment in her fur. She kept rubbing her head and neck on anything she could brush up against.

Katie wasn’t near me the next morning, a very abnormal finding. I located her hiding under a table acting extremely feral. I thought perhaps the ointment had caused a skin irritation and logic led me to wash her neck which seemed to soothe her.

When I came home that afternoon, her personality was completely altered. I called the Emergency Vet center who advised to wash her with soapy water and bring her in. As soon as I said “Hartz,” they seemed to know every symptom Katie was experiencing.

Katie apparently had a “mild” reaction – facial, ear and neck ticks, and full body tremors through the night. Medication was given, blood work done and I was sent home with her and prescribed muscle relaxers for the tremors. She is dehydrated and is being watched for all the ancilliary ramifications.

Tess made it through with ear and facial ticks only, the advantage I guess of being 5 lbs heavier.

I am appalled at PetSmart – the pet friendly store – for carrying the product and words fail to convey my thoughts about Hartz.

Hartz drops have nearly killed my friends dog!

Andy used these drops yesterday morning. Scruffy became lethargic by 6 pm. By 8pm Scruffy was seizing and having trouble walking and breathing. Scruffy is on anti seizure meds and Andy administered pheno barb and the seizing stopped. Scruffy was still in distress. Andy has no car or phone, this man is very poor, and could not get to the vet last night. A friend happened to stop by around 10pm and found Andy holding Scruffy in the driveway and crying saying I thought I was helping you, I’m so sorry, daddy didn’t know…this friend drove to my house and got me. When I heard he used Hartz, I was sick. I’ve read so much about this deadly product.
Scruffy is at the vets this morning. We do not know if he will make it.
I called Hartz today on Andy’s behalf because I know the dangers of this product and I have phone service. I am an animal welfare/rights activist and have received numerous complaints, as well as a petition regarding this poisonous product. I told the rep on the phone what happened. He took the information and stated they will pay the vet bill and refund his money for the product. I asked him why this product was being marketed to the poor who do not have the resources to pay large vet bills. He didn’t answer. I asked him if they were actually making so much money on this particular product that they could not afford to pull it from the shelves. He still had no answer. I asked him if he liked working for a company that murders peoples companions. He said his job was to take the complaints. He has no decision making authority. I told him he chose to work for the company for his paycheck and damn the ethics and decency. I informed him that if I worked for any company that compromised the health of animals I would LOUDLY quit that employ and make it a point to tell everyone why I quit. I told him that is ethics.
I asked him if it was cheaper for Hartz to pay the claims than it was to remove the product from the market. He had no answer. I told him that is sad, disgraceful and just plain sorry.
I personally feel the product has killed many more animals than reported. This is a cheap product, many of the uneducated and poor people will buy this thinking they are doing something good for their pet. When the animal dies, I think the poorer people grieve but do not know where to go or what to do. Hartz is banking on this. The profit from the sale of this poison makes up for the number of claims they actually pay. To Hartz, it’s just business…to the animals, it is death.


I just had a horrible scare with my cat Tony,and Hartz 3-in-1 flea drops – he spent the night in the cat-hospital, and is still very lethargic….


Tell people to CUT OFF THE FUR at the site of application BEFORE bathing their pet – this will get rid of alot of the sicky, goopy stuff – and avoid spreading the full dose further through the animal’s coat.

PS – Hartz is spelling their name wrong – it’s really Hurtz.

36 hour reaction – CUT THE FUR!

I have a new guinea pig who I realized has fleas. So, I bought flea shampoo (non-Hartz) and the guinea pig is fine. I also purchased some Hartz 3-in-1 Advance flea drops (for cats and kittens up to 10 pounds) to prevent the fleas getting on my 10 year old, 12 pound cat, Tony. (Hey, it was only for prevention Tony did NOT have fleas!) I shudder to think what could have happened if using the higher dosage product.

I followed the directions and applied the treatment on Sat at 2pm. By Sun night around 8 or 9 pm, Tony’s back legs were twitching, and he seemed lethargic.

The package says tremors are a possible sign of toxicity, so I looked on the internet, and after reading your site ( I was desperate to get the product off him ASAP.

Since it is awful sticky, greasy goop, I CUT OFF THE FUR where the product was applied, and washed Tony with baby shampoo. I would strongly suggest cutting off all the fur at the site of application BEFORE washing so you remove as much of the source and do not spread it around when washing.

I found a good way to rinse the cat thoroughly is to use warm water and take him in the shower with you – normally, I would be the one needing medical attention (stitches!) after a stunt like this, but Tony was so out of it – he was upset, but not really struggling at all.

Then I called the all night clinic and they said to bring him in, as they see many cats with toxic (and sometimes deadly) reactions to this SAME product. AT LEAST 1 cat per week, and sometimes up to FIVE per week.

The veterinarian and her staff were all TOO familiar with this product, and referred to my cat as a “Hartz-kitty”. He was kept all night on i.v. fluids and given a muscle relaxant (also i.v.) to ease his tremors. Thank goodness, we just got home around 8 am, and he is resting quietly now.

I am sick to death over this horrible product and the potential harm (longterm effects?) to my beautiful, perfect little cat. Hartz corporation are disgusting people – something this toxic, I fear for the health of the workers producing this product.

Something tells me that this is going to be a huge news story some day… can they keep this quiet?????

CHARGE Syndrom

I have a child that was born with a syndrom called CHARGE Association. Pesticides have been named one of the possible causes of this syndrom. I remember using Hartz spray product while pregnant that had no warnings then later I read how many animals were sickened by the product. I am wondering if there are any links of these products to birth defects.

It’s flea collars, too.

I put a flea collar on my cat. 36 hours later she was dead. I originally had one in my shopping cart in the part where children sit. It must have fell out while I traveled through the pet store, because I didn’t have it when I got home. It must have been a “sign.” I had to return to the store later in the day and while there, I picked up another one. I figured I’d see the vet on Monday and get her some Advantage, which I have used on our other cats without any adverse affects. That night, I put it on Puff’s neck, never knowing I had just handed her a death sentence. She was lethargic and slept all the next day but she had a cold, so I figured she was still sick from that. That night, she greeted me with a purr, as always; when I went to be that night, I tucked her under the covers with me, as always. Come five a.m., for some reason, I woke up and found her completely limp. I called the emergency vet, but before could I even get her in the crate, she started having seizures and was foaming at the mouth. Then she died.

I killed my cat.

When I can stop crying long enough, I have been warning everyone I know who has pets not to use these products.

When am I going to stop hating myself?

Sender’s Name: Charlyn Woodruff
Sender’s Email: tigger2097 at frontiernet dot net
Message: i am writing to let you know that anyone who has a pet who has had a
reaction or died from Hartz products can report it to the FDA by going to, then type in form 1932 A under the search engine and down load to
form to report it, or call 1-301-827-0224 and ask for form 1932a. I have
reported my animals reactions to both the FDA and the EPA, there is power in
numbers, give this information to everyone you can. I hope it helps, I’m working
on the area I live and others can too.

Hartz = A tough week for my cat

On the weekend of Aug. 7-8, my 6-year-old male tabby, Norman, was biting at his fur and actually pulling out chunks of fur with his teeth. I was concerned about this behavior and thought he might have picked up a flea somewhere. He’s an indoor cat, but you never know.

So I picked up Hartz 3-in-1 Flea & Tick drops at the local grocery store. My expectation here, was that the product would most likely be ineffective and I’d take Norman to the vet that week some time. I wish.

I put this poison on my cat Monday evening, Aug. 9. He seemed a little annoyed at it, but otherwise okay into Monday night and Tuesday morning. On Tuesday, I went out with some friends after work, and got home relatively late Tuesday night to find Norman in extreme, obvious discomfort.

He was running around my apartment, yowling, rubbing on the walls and, when I came in, he tried to get out the door, as though his brain was telling his there was something in the apartment hurting him so he wanted to get out. He would lie down, shift around, stand back up, lie back down, his claws were extending and retracting and he was breathing quite heavily.

The only thing to suspect was the Hartz, so I got a gob of paper towels, dampened them in the sink, and tried to sponge the stuff off him. Normally, if I tried something like that with Norman, he’d have me for lunch. But he stood there, arching his back toward the paper towels, as though it were soothing him somewhat. It helped, but he was still in very apparent distress.

So I drove him a half hour to the 24-hour emergency animal hospital, and told them the story. The people (vets and assistants) at the hospital all nodded knowingly as I related the events, and immediatetly began referring to Norman, among themselves, as a “Hartzcat.” One word, like a common jargon-type thing. They’d seen this before.

Their biggest concern was that his temperature was elevated to 105 degrees (101 is normal kitty temp). So they gave him a bath and an I.V. and kept him overnight. The next morning, he was much better, but his temperature was still a little high, so Norman had to spend a day at the regular vet to be monitored.

It was Thursday before he was home and “out of the woods” after giving him the Hartz poison on Monday. Along the way, the emergency vets and my regular vet told they see these types of things all the time from Hartz products and they NEVER recommend them under any cir*****stances. The emergency vets said Norman’s reaction, while bad, could have been much worse. They described seeing cats suffering from horrible convulsions, often resulting in death.

I’ve done a lot of reading since that time, at this site and others, and learned a lot about how Hartz products work and how they operate as a company.

I’m furious with them for continuing to market this product and with myself for not doing my homework earlier.

The good news is that, after vet bills of more than $400 and an awful, traumatic week for mym cat, he is now fine and is putting the whole experience behind him.

I, on the other hand, am not walking away so quickly. Taking on Hartz seems like a losing battle, so I’m taking the “clean your own back yard” approach and will be working to see about removing Hartz products from store shelves in my area, starting with the store from which I made the purchase.

As a former newspaper reporter, I also have local media contacts which I may utilize as well.

I will endeavor to keep updated on any progress, or lack thereof.

In the meantime, I did stop one woman from purchasing the product just last night. I was at the store buying kitty litter and, down the aisle, I saw a lady perusing the “medication” section. I started to grab my purchase and go to the checkout, but I simply could not. I approached her, told her the above story, and suggested she see her vet. She said, “Wow, I was just just going to give him something for tonight and take him to the vet tomorrow.” But she agreed that one night of mild discomfort, and a morning vet visit would be far preferable to the alternative potential nightmare.

One kitty cat at a time, I guess.

Knowledge is the KEY, I didn’t know!!

I have 4 cats whom I love more than anything. I bought this flea and tick product rather than my usual brand never thinking it could harm my cats. Two of my cats became ill and had a skin reaction to it. They were acting as if they did not feel well, I though it might be the flea and tick medicine but I thought they would NEVER sell anything that could harm your pet, I was WRONG. I will never buy another HARTZ product again, now when I think back to years ago I had a cat that lost all of her hair and the vet said it was a skin reaction, I used HARTZ flea powder on her and never knew that IT was what caused her to lose her hair. I just glad I know now that HARTZ products are dangerous and that all my babies are still with me, thank god. My heart goes out to those who have lost their pet to these murders. know that I WILL do what I can to stop this from going on, flyers email, phone calls whatever it takes, I LOVE MY CATS!!!