Spirit ( my golden retriever) died from Hartz toy

A week ago, my dog, Spirit was acting strange like he had a bellyache so we took him to our vet and he did xrays and found out he had a blockage in his intestines and stomache. They tried for 2 days to get him to pass it but Monday morning they had to operate. I went right up there when he told me they were operating. When I got there my vet had a ziplock bag containing the stuffing of a Hartz plush toy!! He wasn’t even 2 years old yet and the trama of the surgery caused him to have a heart attack and he died. I can not get over losing him. I found how to contact Hartz and will be writing them a long letter concerning the harm these toys can cause. I don’t want what happened to my dog happen to anyone elses. To some people he was a dog, but to me he was my son and words cannot express how much I miss him and if not for that toy, he would still be here with me today!!!

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