Another Hartz Advance Care Victim

I just had my experience with the Hartz Advance Care Flea & tick drops for cats under 10 lbs. I put the drops on about 3 am this morning before going to bed and woke up to find one of my 5 month old kittens shaking severely and weak. I called the Vet to find out if it was a reaction to the drops and as mentioned in other stories, I was told it was a reaction and to wash him several times to get the medicine off. I called the Hartz 1-800# and reported it and tried to find out if there was an antecdote for the ingredient Phenothrin, which the Vet was not familiar with. The man I spoke with on the phone said my Vet would have to call and speak with the Hartz Vet to discuss the treatment for this. So when I took my kitten in, my Vet said that Hartz first told him that it must be an allergic reaction and my Vet questioned it because of the symptoms. Then the Hartz Vet told him that some cats are born without a certain enzyme that helps break down the Phenothrin. Whichever the case may be, after reading through some of these stories, this seems to be a usual occurance and something should be done about it.

I felt so bad for Mopey but I didn’t know it would have an effect on him or that Hartz is considered to be a bad product. Anyway, the Vet gave him Valium to help with the shakes and some benadryl. He’s on the couch sleeping. I hope he makes it through this. Meanwhile, I have bathed the other 3 cats so he won’t be in contact with it. I will never buy Hartz products again and will warn friends and family also.

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