My Emmy’s Gone, Used Hartz Flea & Tick Shampoo

I used this shampoo on my Emmy and I know it had to be what made her sick. It was used on her the night before she went to the vet for her ears.

Five days later she died, her liver had failed and she was like she was paralyzed, she could not even move.
I didn’t even know about Hartz till this week on our news, and they gave this website.

I also have to other cats, and thank goodness they hate baths. But The Hartz Hairball Remedy, have any of you had any problems with it?

Everytime last week I gave it to my cat Charger
he would vomit it up. Guess it was for a reason since all this has come out.

He was throwing up friday night into saturday.
He or Abbi sure want get anything else Hartz thats for sure.
I will pass the word around about this website.

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