Hartz Flea Dip almost killed my cats

I almost killed 3 of my cats with Hartz flea dip. I purchased it at a food store after seeing my cats were crawling with fleas. At the time, 2 of my cats were 6 months old, and 1 was about 2 years old. I poured the flea dip on them, and one flew out a window, and another cat got stuck in the heating duct trying to get away from me. The solution soaked in to their skin. Hours later, they were drooling, lethargic, losing their balance, foaming at the mouth. By the time I could get it off them, it was too late – they were hardly able to walk. I took them to the vet – they couldnt do much for them at this point, but rinse them. My cats survived. They were sick for a week – unable to jump, foaming at the mouth, heads swaying back and forth – I dont know how they survived, but they did. I dont know if it caused long term effects, but years later, my cats are very sickly. One has chronic pneumonia, and a collapsed lung from respiratory problems. Since that day, I have sworn off toxic chemicals completely. What a horrible, horrible incident, and product.

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  1. Last night was terrifying to say the least. My husband & I washed our 6 LB. toy poodle in Hartz Ultragaurd flee & tick dip. She looked like she was going crazy panting running in circles & very warm to the touch. We washed her off three times with a regular shampoo (still not thinking we had poisoned our baby) believing she may of had sensitive skin & was itchy. No this was not the case I called the Emergency Vet & they said to “quickly” wash her in dawn. Then rush her in. I have never been so scared (we live 45 min. from vets office)but thank goodness the dawn must of worked. When we got to the vet he gave her a shot of valum & a shot of steroids. He then went on to explain how many animals he has seen over the years die from hartz dip. Esp. cats & small dogs. This is ridiculous & I will be contacting the Hartz company.

  2. It killed my mothers cat She washed it with the dip and the cat just crawled up in a ball and died i would never use a product like this again

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