dog seizures and flea collar

i recently submitted a post regarding my lab mix having a seizure after using a Hartz flea collar. Just to add- the evening I posted my story i removed the collar- she has not had a seizure since…clean bill of health from vet- i am convinced it was the new Hartz flea collar since it is the only time she ever seized and has not seized again since its removal…….PS- I also removed collar from my Boxer and kitty cat- I am scared to death of those things!

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  1. My 12 year old Golden Retriver was having seizures out of the blue. I had put on her 2 days prior a hartz flea collar. she had 4 seizures thus far. we have removed the flea collar and she had the last 2 of the seizures. she is resting at the moment but we will see how it goes through the night. the vet gave me valium to give her rectally if she has another seizure that lasts more than a few minutes. I really hope it was just the collar and not her old age telling me its time. I will sue them if this is all because of a flea collar. Ridiculous!!

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