Katie & Tess

On August 22 while at PetSmart, I picked up a package of Hartz(R) “one-spot” ointment for cats under 10 lbs. Katie is about 9 lbs; Tess is 13 lbs. The ointment was applied and Katie immediately didn’t care for it – though I took it as her being fussy for having this treatment in her fur. She kept rubbing her head and neck on anything she could brush up against.

Katie wasn’t near me the next morning, a very abnormal finding. I located her hiding under a table acting extremely feral. I thought perhaps the ointment had caused a skin irritation and logic led me to wash her neck which seemed to soothe her.

When I came home that afternoon, her personality was completely altered. I called the Emergency Vet center who advised to wash her with soapy water and bring her in. As soon as I said “Hartz,” they seemed to know every symptom Katie was experiencing.

Katie apparently had a “mild” reaction – facial, ear and neck ticks, and full body tremors through the night. Medication was given, blood work done and I was sent home with her and prescribed muscle relaxers for the tremors. She is dehydrated and is being watched for all the ancilliary ramifications.

Tess made it through with ear and facial ticks only, the advantage I guess of being 5 lbs heavier.

I am appalled at PetSmart – the pet friendly store – for carrying the product and words fail to convey my thoughts about Hartz.

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