Hartz drops have nearly killed my friends dog!

Andy used these drops yesterday morning. Scruffy became lethargic by 6 pm. By 8pm Scruffy was seizing and having trouble walking and breathing. Scruffy is on anti seizure meds and Andy administered pheno barb and the seizing stopped. Scruffy was still in distress. Andy has no car or phone, this man is very poor, and could not get to the vet last night. A friend happened to stop by around 10pm and found Andy holding Scruffy in the driveway and crying saying I thought I was helping you, I’m so sorry, daddy didn’t know…this friend drove to my house and got me. When I heard he used Hartz, I was sick. I’ve read so much about this deadly product.
Scruffy is at the vets this morning. We do not know if he will make it.
I called Hartz today on Andy’s behalf because I know the dangers of this product and I have phone service. I am an animal welfare/rights activist and have received numerous complaints, as well as a petition regarding this poisonous product. I told the rep on the phone what happened. He took the information and stated they will pay the vet bill and refund his money for the product. I asked him why this product was being marketed to the poor who do not have the resources to pay large vet bills. He didn’t answer. I asked him if they were actually making so much money on this particular product that they could not afford to pull it from the shelves. He still had no answer. I asked him if he liked working for a company that murders peoples companions. He said his job was to take the complaints. He has no decision making authority. I told him he chose to work for the company for his paycheck and damn the ethics and decency. I informed him that if I worked for any company that compromised the health of animals I would LOUDLY quit that employ and make it a point to tell everyone why I quit. I told him that is ethics.
I asked him if it was cheaper for Hartz to pay the claims than it was to remove the product from the market. He had no answer. I told him that is sad, disgraceful and just plain sorry.
I personally feel the product has killed many more animals than reported. This is a cheap product, many of the uneducated and poor people will buy this thinking they are doing something good for their pet. When the animal dies, I think the poorer people grieve but do not know where to go or what to do. Hartz is banking on this. The profit from the sale of this poison makes up for the number of claims they actually pay. To Hartz, it’s just business…to the animals, it is death.

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