36 hour reaction – CUT THE FUR!

I have a new guinea pig who I realized has fleas. So, I bought flea shampoo (non-Hartz) and the guinea pig is fine. I also purchased some Hartz 3-in-1 Advance flea drops (for cats and kittens up to 10 pounds) to prevent the fleas getting on my 10 year old, 12 pound cat, Tony. (Hey, it was only for prevention Tony did NOT have fleas!) I shudder to think what could have happened if using the higher dosage product.

I followed the directions and applied the treatment on Sat at 2pm. By Sun night around 8 or 9 pm, Tony’s back legs were twitching, and he seemed lethargic.

The package says tremors are a possible sign of toxicity, so I looked on the internet, and after reading your site (hartzvictims.org) I was desperate to get the product off him ASAP.

Since it is awful sticky, greasy goop, I CUT OFF THE FUR where the product was applied, and washed Tony with baby shampoo. I would strongly suggest cutting off all the fur at the site of application BEFORE washing so you remove as much of the source and do not spread it around when washing.

I found a good way to rinse the cat thoroughly is to use warm water and take him in the shower with you – normally, I would be the one needing medical attention (stitches!) after a stunt like this, but Tony was so out of it – he was upset, but not really struggling at all.

Then I called the all night clinic and they said to bring him in, as they see many cats with toxic (and sometimes deadly) reactions to this SAME product. AT LEAST 1 cat per week, and sometimes up to FIVE per week.

The veterinarian and her staff were all TOO familiar with this product, and referred to my cat as a “Hartz-kitty”. He was kept all night on i.v. fluids and given a muscle relaxant (also i.v.) to ease his tremors. Thank goodness, we just got home around 8 am, and he is resting quietly now.

I am sick to death over this horrible product and the potential harm (longterm effects?) to my beautiful, perfect little cat. Hartz corporation are disgusting people – something this toxic, I fear for the health of the workers producing this product.

Something tells me that this is going to be a huge news story some day…..how can they keep this quiet?????

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