It’s flea collars, too.

I put a flea collar on my cat. 36 hours later she was dead. I originally had one in my shopping cart in the part where children sit. It must have fell out while I traveled through the pet store, because I didn’t have it when I got home. It must have been a “sign.” I had to return to the store later in the day and while there, I picked up another one. I figured I’d see the vet on Monday and get her some Advantage, which I have used on our other cats without any adverse affects. That night, I put it on Puff’s neck, never knowing I had just handed her a death sentence. She was lethargic and slept all the next day but she had a cold, so I figured she was still sick from that. That night, she greeted me with a purr, as always; when I went to be that night, I tucked her under the covers with me, as always. Come five a.m., for some reason, I woke up and found her completely limp. I called the emergency vet, but before could I even get her in the crate, she started having seizures and was foaming at the mouth. Then she died.

I killed my cat.

When I can stop crying long enough, I have been warning everyone I know who has pets not to use these products.

When am I going to stop hating myself?

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