Knowledge is the KEY, I didn’t know!!

I have 4 cats whom I love more than anything. I bought this flea and tick product rather than my usual brand never thinking it could harm my cats. Two of my cats became ill and had a skin reaction to it. They were acting as if they did not feel well, I though it might be the flea and tick medicine but I thought they would NEVER sell anything that could harm your pet, I was WRONG. I will never buy another HARTZ product again, now when I think back to years ago I had a cat that lost all of her hair and the vet said it was a skin reaction, I used HARTZ flea powder on her and never knew that IT was what caused her to lose her hair. I just glad I know now that HARTZ products are dangerous and that all my babies are still with me, thank god. My heart goes out to those who have lost their pet to these murders. know that I WILL do what I can to stop this from going on, flyers email, phone calls whatever it takes, I LOVE MY CATS!!!

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