Hartz is Horrible!

My name is Cindy. I’m from N.C. and have a beautiful flame point himalayan kitty named Madison.

On Sunday, July 4th I applied the Hartz Flea medication (drops) to back of her neck. A few hours later, I noticed that she was very nervous, uneasy and would try to lay down and get comfortable, but couldnt. I watched her carefully and the next morning, her symptoms were worse. She was still nervous, not eatting and had difficulty breathing.

I called the vet’s office and told them her symptoms and they asked me “was the flea medication Hartz?” … I said “yes” …the Vet asked me to bring her in as soon as possible and I did. She is there now and I’m waiting a call back from them after they see what all is needed to do for her. She has a fever and isnt well. I pray that she will be OK. She is a family member and greatly loved as all of you know, that are pet lovers.

How can a company like Hartz be allowed to sell a product that causes sickness, pain and even death to our loving animals?

Friends, Hartz has to be stopped!

My best friend almost died

On 4/18/04 I made a huge mistake. I put Hartz Flea & Tick repellent spray on my cat. By the evening of that same day she was throwing up and had a high fever. Her paws were hot to the touch. The next day I took her to the vet. She had a fever of 106. She had to have a bath treatment and medication pumped into her through an IV to save her life. She stayed at the vet for 3 days. The vet told me that they do not recommend Hartz products. That they have had many cats that have gotten very sick and that have died after the use of this product. This was shocking to me. After days of crying and worrying about my baby to find out this has happend to many other people and their cats was distrubing. And the fact that Hartz has had numerous complaints. I sent Hartz my story and have yet to receive a response. The fact that they know about this situation and that they are still profiting off this product makes me sick. I will do what ever it takes to help get this product off the market.

2 more victims! What can I do?

Several months ago 2 of my cats were “poisoned” by a Hartz flea product, Control Spot for cats. I was sickened to find one cat ill and then after I took him to the vets and found out why he was sick, I returned home only to find one of the other cats ill. In turn, I rushed him to the vet’s also. I got the second one there before he got too bad but the other one almost died. I was so angry but did not know that there may be restitution for this. The vet bill itself was $300 and that does not count the gas to get there and back. Is there anything I can do to recover my costs and possibly teach this company a lesson? Thanks so much.