Needless suffering of another cat…

I wish that I had found this website before I subjected my cat to the Hartz Advanced Care product last evening. This was the first time I’ve medicated my cat for fleas & I was terribly wrong to trust this company’s product.

My cat was notably agitated a few hours after the medication was applied (as per the package instructions). I began to search the internet for possible allergic reactions and after reading a few excerpts from other websites, I decided to bathe my cat and remove any excess medication. Unfortunately, she vomitted this morning and began to show more severe symptoms. She was rubbing her head against walls, furniture and the floor. I called my vet and they advised me to bring her in immediately. After examining her, they confirmed that she was having an allergic reaction to the Hartz product and gave her 2 steroid injections to counteract the condition.

Hopefully, she will recover with no further damage to her system. I will be sending a detailed report to the FDA, as well as the Hartz company. Like many others on this board, I believe that the Hartz company is knowingly marketing a product that is dangerous and potentially lethal to cats. I don’t care if I receive a refund for my veterinerian bills. I just hope to contribute to the bad press associated with this company & contribute to the recall of this product.

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