Flea Medicine Poisoning

I applied Hartz Flea & Tick medication to my year old cat, Beeper – neck, as instructed on July 26, 3-2004, at around 7:00 PM.

The next morning around 6:30 she began to act very strangely….jerking around, not letting us touch her, not able to stand for more than a couple steps at a time. She also was more agitated than normal, with no interest in food, and her pupils were dilated.

I called my vet who told me to take her up to him immediately. Upon examination, he told me it was poisoning as a direct result of the Hartz application.

She in now in the hospital, on intravenous fluids and sedation. She will be there at least 12, possibly 24, hours.

The cost to me is at least $484.00, possibly more if there are additional problems.

That is an awfully expensive way to learn that I cannot trust the Hartz Company. It is much more than I can afford, but I also cannot let my cat die.

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  1. I have a beautiful long haired Maine coon cat very large cat . we usually use the flea pill but took a cheaper version this month due to lack of funds; and have used the drops in the past, I applied the drops on my cat yesterday morning in just aa few hours later she was jerking all over especially her eyes had no clue what was happening, couldn’t hardly walk at all it was awful to see her this way. Kept thinking to myself what has she got into or ate ,then remembered the drops that was applied on her and didn’t even put the whole tube on her, the tube was for a cat weighing 2 to 5 pounds my cat weighs more than 5 pounds she is over 8 pounds. Gave her a bath and pushed liquids in her with a medicine dropper. This morning she is eating and drinking on her own, and walking alot better she is still twitching all over and I’ve prayed and laid hands on her. Believe me if I could afford it she would be at her vets. Please pray with me that ke ke makes it thru this and for these companies who are making the flea drops I will never buy your products ever again. My poor cat is suffering because of you and I don’t know if she’s gonna live. You need to put in big letters a warning of these side effects. My cat is priceless and is a part of my family,my heart aches to see her suffer like this.

    1. I use no kind of flea killer from any company on my pets if they even happen to pick a flea up. I adopted a cat from a lady near me,a Siamese kitten,and it was ate up with fleas. I heard where other people were using Dawn dish washing liquid and that is the first thing I tried. The blue Dawn dish washing liquid killed every single flea on my kitten,she had not a one left when I rinsed and combed her. She had so many to start with that I had to change the water a second time,but I will lay money on it that if you use Dawn dish washing detergent,you will not have a flea on your pet,as long as you make sure you comb all the dead ones out with a fine comb,she/he will be flea-less,Try it,it didn’t hurt my kitten and I use it on my 7 dogs for their bath even though they don’t have fleas,it’s gentle on their skin!

  2. thank you for the dawn dish soap info, a few years ago I used Hartz Flea & Tick medication on my very petite kitty and she got a little sick but here hair fell out and had terrible sores and 3 yaers later she is still having hair loss and sores in those areas, I feel so guilty.I wont even buy a harts comb anymore and I have plastered it all over the web, I hope I have reached many.

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