Flea Medicine Poisoning

I applied Hartz Flea & Tick medication to my year old cat, Beeper – neck, as instructed on July 26, 3-2004, at around 7:00 PM.

The next morning around 6:30 she began to act very strangely….jerking around, not letting us touch her, not able to stand for more than a couple steps at a time. She also was more agitated than normal, with no interest in food, and her pupils were dilated.

I called my vet who told me to take her up to him immediately. Upon examination, he told me it was poisoning as a direct result of the Hartz application.

She in now in the hospital, on intravenous fluids and sedation. She will be there at least 12, possibly 24, hours.

The cost to me is at least $484.00, possibly more if there are additional problems.

That is an awfully expensive way to learn that I cannot trust the Hartz Company. It is much more than I can afford, but I also cannot let my cat die.

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