Yet ANOTHER Victim

Well, as seems to be the case on this website, there is yet another poor innocent kitten that is falling to the evil Hartz empire.

I personally do not like cats all that much. It has nothing to do with their demeanor, as I find them to be some of the cutest animals on the planet. However, I am extremely allergic to them, and anytime I am even in a home with a cat, I am teary-eyed and sneezing my head off. Regardless, I went to visit my girlfriend’s home in Texas, where she has a few kittens, just under a year old. We noticed a flea on the cat’s paw, and her mother put on the Hartz “medication” right on the upper back, by the neck area. The cat was fine for the next couple of days, and after I had left to come back to New York, the cat had disappeared. It finally reappeared at the front door, looking extremely fatigued, and hardly able to walk. Immediately, she knew there was something wrong with the cat, and took him right to her room. Within a few hours, the cat was throwing up, and hardly able to stand. At one point, the cat had a seizure, and later on in the night, another one. This morning, they took the cat into their vet, and they weren’t quite sure on what was wrong. They did blood work, and I searched the internet, finding this website. There is no end to this story just yet, as I am waiting on word with what happens to the cat. After reading some reports from other people’s horror stories, I would venture to say that it doesn’t look good. Please, keep little Joe in all of your prayers, and maybe the good lord will help him pull through. And if he doesn’t, I sure hope that the people who are in charge of allowing this terrible product on the market get what they deserve. Something needs to be done, and if we can’t do it, devine intervention sure can. Sorry to gripe so much, it’s just agitating hearing your girlfriend cry over her cat for the past couple of days, when you can’t really help her.

One Agitated Boyfriend

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