KC almost died last week

I thought I was a pretty savvy consumer, and a knowlegeable pet owner. I also thought that any product on the shelf with a name so wellknown as Hartz should be fine. My black and white long haired cat – K.C. – got fleas from a visiting relative’s mini daschund. Since we’ve never been plagued with them before, I thought a flea bath would be in good order. A couple of days after the flea bath, K.C. stopped eating. Her beautiful green eyes turned dull and she wouldn’t move on her own. We took her to the vet and they discovered that she had some form of toxin in her system. Since she’s an indoor cat, she didn’t get into anything in the garden. I never leave any chemicals out for her to get into, and in fact, I am careful with what I use to clean our floors. I couldn’t think of anything. I gave a very knowlegeable vet all of the information, and also gave him the bottle of Hartz Flea and Tick Shampoo and Conditioner. He was surprised to find pyrithren in the shampoo. i was informed by the vet that pyrithren is very toxic to cats.

KC almost died. She spent five days in the hospital, had a continuous IV for fluids to help flush out the toxin that I bathed her in, had three blood tests per day, and endured alot of pain. She lost almost 1/2 of her body weight in 1 week. The cost of close to $1,200.00 to save her life wasn’t the biggest cost – we almost lost her.

Why, if this is a known fact, would ANY responsible company use a known toxin? This company does not care about animals’s wellbeing, but they do care a GREAT DEAL about making a profit. I, for one will NEVER buy their products, and will make sure that anyone I know will also do the same, once they realize that the Hartz company is HEARTLESS!

Marilyn Johnson
[email protected]

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