Just gave my cat the drops a couple days ago… : (

I had no idea until just now that there was such an awful thing like this going on. I gave my cat Sunny, the drops just the other day, and THANK GOD, he is okay! He did seem to have lost his appetite that day though. I can’t believe that this product has killed so many of our beloved little friends. It is so sad, and it has to be stopped!

I don’t understand how these companies are able to sell things that are harmful to cats. A few months ago, I almost lost my Sunny because I had been feeding him Purina dry cat food. He ended up with crystals, and it was very painful and sad to see him suffer. Fortunately, I got him to a wonderful vet who saved him!
These companies know that what they are selling could KILL some cats, but as long as they are still making money, they don’t care!
Thanks for letting me vent!!!

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