I hate Hartz tick, flea, and mosquito drops (advanced care)

I bought my new kitten as a gift for my boyfriend three weeks ago. He is now 14 weeks old. When we bought him we noticed he had a few fleas but vowed to wait until he was at least 12 weeks old to treat the fleas. We ended up waiting until he was 14 weeks old until we went to the store. Unfortunately, we purchased Hartz brand medication. About an hour after I applied the drops I noticed our kitten (Bruce) was acting really strangely…kicking his legs and cleaning himself profusively. At first I thought maybe he had something in his feet, but then minutes later my boyfriend and I heard him attempting to climb onto the bed, something he can usually do in one leap. We then noticed he was shaking everywhere. We immediately washed him in the shower and called the vet. Thankfully we took him in within time to save his life. They kept him overnight giving him iv’s and muscle relaxers. The vet told us she has had so many cases of deadly reactions from Hartz within the last few months. I really hope they take this product off the market now. I feel so badly for those who have lost their pet due to this negligence. I am thankful, as is my boyfriend, for having Bruce back in our lives, healthy and happy. However, I will do all I can to fight to keep this product off the shelves. My heart is with all of you.

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