I usually use Bio- Spot

I usually use Bio- Spot on my cats, it is good for three months and that way I only have to use it once or maybe twice it it is a bad year. This time I took in my Graystone’s, sister and her last three kittens. I should of known she would have fleas since the neighbors let their animals run free all the time and they always have flees. any way my 4 kits and my Daughters got fleas too and I didn’t want to wait for the bio-spot to be shipped so I went to Kmart and bought the under 10 lbs for the younger two and the over 14 for the older three. Now the two youngest of mine who are 1 & 2 both got bad sores where the stuff touched their skin. And our 9 year old acted like he didn’t fell up to par but nothing real bad and the 7 year old was fine so far. what is eve worse not only are they making our kits sick and some out there dying this stuff doesn’t even kill the fleas and maybe that is why my kits are not as bad as some cause they have been taking baths trying to give them some relief from this and now I am scared to try any thing else on them. when my human kids where young they use to have out a wheat germ shampoo that worked great for fleas but I haven’t seen that in years. and it was only $.99 a bottle to bad it still isn’t out there

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