We used it on our pet, and she’s still alive, but still is suffering…

We were looking for something to help fight against the fleas that were hurting our cats, and decided to try the Hartz: Advanced Flea and Tick Care. All our cats had an immediate bad reaction, but one had a really bad one. She started to furiously clean herself moving around the rooms constantly, every couple seconds in a new area. This was a while ago, so I’ll try my best to remember…She would not go to her regular areas to sleep, but areas where she could hide from us, and clean this horrid stuff off her.We stopped using it, but she still has reactions. From then on, she’s been acting insane. She’s always furiously cleaning herself, doing weird things like sleeping in the catlitter box, and she’s hiding wherever she can. Also, she had areas by her neck, possible where she’s been scratching, where you see that it’s been bleeding. One other cat has small patches of fur that are gone. We don’t know really what to do. It hasn’t been as serious as seizures, which I’ve seen some stories include, but should we pay the expenses to take them to the vet? We can’t for a while, as a result of very costly medication for our dog from heartworms( I’m getting really sick and tired of those Disease-carrying who-knows-why-we-have-them-on-this-earth-mosquitos) ,so it might be a little while before we can take them.This has been a very crummy summer so far:(. Is there anything natural we can do to help our cats?

We really miss our old cat. The one who used to play with us a lot, was much happier,and would playfully bite at our toes when we were sleeping… *sigh*
Thank you to whoever took the time to read this long story.

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