Thank you….

Last year I became the proud caregiver to one 5 week old kitten as a result of a stray in our campground having kittens. They couldnt stay there b/c it wasnt safe so I took one and others took the rest as rescues.

As I knew nothing about kittens/cats, other than this ball of fur was adorable, I started reading message boards to learn about their care. And inevitably the Hartz saga came up. I want to tell all of you who have shared your stories thank you because my cats (i now have 2) will never ever have to experience what yours did because you shared your stories. Im sorry that yours had these terrible experiences but know that they were not in vain. At least 2 kitties have been spared the pain and I have told others about what Ive learned about Hartz. The sooner Hartz is gone the better.

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