My Lenny

On October 9, 2002 my Basset Hound Lenny suddenly, without warning, went into convulsions. He was having one grand mal after another! We rushed him to the vet. There, he was given a good dose of Valium and Phenobarbitol. The vet asked if Lenny had been around any pesticides. I couldn’t recall that he had but I casually mentioned that he had a bath in Hartz Flea and Tick shampoo and flea powder. I was very shocked when the vet told me that the Hartz products caused the seizures! Because there would not be anyone at the vet’s office overnight, we had to care for him 24 hours at home. My boyfriend and I tooks turns sleeping and watching him. He was basically unconscious most of the time. When he did wake up, we used oral syringes and a pitcher to give him water and baby food. Every little move he made terrified us. If he seemed like he would seize again, we would have to inject the Phenobarb. into the catheder that was placed in his leg. After a couple of days, he tried to get up but was still very weak. We fed him his food soaked in chicken broth and more baby food. On my birthday (October 14) I received the best gift ever! Lenny got up and wobbled around on his own for the 1st time! It was a true miracle from God! He has not even suffered from any brain damage or any other neurological effects from the seizures. He hasn’t had a seizure since that day. He is almost 5 years old and has been off of the Potassium Bromide from 7 months! I tell everyone about Lenny and what happened to him so that no one will have to watch their pet suffer or die because of gross negligence! I joined the class action lawsuit but it was dropped. My vet said that if I send Hartz a copy of the bill they will pay me back for it BUT I would have to sign a waiver stating that I would not sue them. I will have to do this as no attorney that I’ve spoken with will take this company on. What I really want to see is that junk taken off the shelves!

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