My sweet angel, almost taken

I had been in wal-mart, looking around in the animal dept. I have 4 dogs an 3 cats and I usually do not use flea stuff on My cats, just My dogs, but this summer is bad so I saw the Hartz and thought hey, it does not cost that much and maybe it will help a bit. I only wanted to make My babies more comfortable an in doing so I could have lost one. Booger, My sweet little girl, I foun her in the rain at the grocery store. She is almost two now and I love her dearly. I put the drops on all three cats early afternoon and went about the day. That evening, all the cats were lathargic and cranky, but booger began having seizure acitvities. I would have never noticed but My Aussie do kept following her around. I got up to see why and booger was shaking and trembling, her eyes fluttering, she was scared and miserable. It was midnight now, I called the vet and she said she had seen this on several occasions with this product. She told Me to bathe her, place her in a blanket and then lay her on top a heating pad. I did this…..the next day she was somewhat better but still may need to go to the doctor. She is still lathargic and not eating well. I do not know what I will do if I lose her but I know this Hartz has to be stopped. How many animals will suffer and die before someones sees…and why I wonder is the SPCA not on board here…..I hope, somehow….something can be done to stop this madness.

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