Hartz is Horrible!

My name is Cindy. I’m from N.C. and have a beautiful flame point himalayan kitty named Madison.

On Sunday, July 4th I applied the Hartz Flea medication (drops) to back of her neck. A few hours later, I noticed that she was very nervous, uneasy and would try to lay down and get comfortable, but couldnt. I watched her carefully and the next morning, her symptoms were worse. She was still nervous, not eatting and had difficulty breathing.

I called the vet’s office and told them her symptoms and they asked me “was the flea medication Hartz?” … I said “yes” …the Vet asked me to bring her in as soon as possible and I did. She is there now and I’m waiting a call back from them after they see what all is needed to do for her. She has a fever and isnt well. I pray that she will be OK. She is a family member and greatly loved as all of you know, that are pet lovers.

How can a company like Hartz be allowed to sell a product that causes sickness, pain and even death to our loving animals?

Friends, Hartz has to be stopped!

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