To avoid more flea bites my 8 year old daughter slept with a Hartz flea collar!

My 8 year old daughter has numerous flea bites on her legs. She has been the only one out of 5 of us who has been bitten. Our 1 year old boxer had been able to get his Hartz flea collar off and one of us in the family found it and put it on the counter. I had been joking with my daughter and I said to her “we’re going to have to get flea collars to put on your ankles so the fleas quite biting you”. I was not serious and never gave it another thought. the next morning my husband and I were getting my daughter up and my husband noticed that she had the boxers flea collar wrapped around her arm near her armpit. We both just chuckled and told her that that isn’t a good idea because there is poision in them. The next day she didn’t feel well and her face was quite red and blotchy. The day following she had hives over most of her body. We are now on day 7 and she is on Prednezone and benydryl and is still very itchy. The hives are slowly lightening and it seems like she is getting better but I am very worried. I am writing this after reading about the dog and cat that died after wearing the flea collars. I would be very careful about even letting an animal sleep with a child while wearing a flea collar. I know that I won’t allow it and also I won’t joke about such things with my daughter in the future now that I know she might take it literally.


We went to the vet today for our 14 month old cat, Gaia. We gave her Hartz advantage yesterday and after about an hour noticed she was having muscle spasms, which was something the box said to watch out for. We washed the rest off (yes, we endured bathing a cat!) and kept an eye on her. It continued. My wife woke me up at 2am because Gaia looked as if she was vibrating. Her entire body was shaking. We called the 24 hour animal hospital and since she wasn’t vomiting and could walk on her own, they said to bring her in the next day if she hadn’t gone back to normal. We took her to the vet today and were told that they see a lot of cases because Hartz is a concentrated flea dip like Frontline, but it is a pesticide, not an animal drug, and so therefore not regulated. He said our recourse was to try to get our money back on the remaining product and complain to Hartz. He also said that the local animal hospitals see a lot of Hartz related cases every year, including a handful of deaths. According to the vet, Hartz can cause liver failure. Gaia will be okay. We need to give her valium to help with the muscle spasms for a few days, and subject her to baths for the next 2-3 days. The reason for the baths is the way Hartz, and other products of its kind works. The chemicals get into their system and the oil in their fur carries it and repels the pests. Bathing her will help remove the oil that, if left on, will just get reabsorbed into her body. He recommends Frontline for dogs and Revolution for cats. Both are concentrated flea dips (drops), but are not pesticides and are safer.

NBC in South Florida needs a story

Sender’s Name: Alex Zequeira
Sender’s Email: [email protected]

My name is Alex Zequeira, with NBC 6 in Miami, Florida. We are looking to
do a story about the HARTZ flea and tick medication. We need to get in contact with
someone in the South Florida area that has had a bad experience using “Advanced
Care Flea and tick Drops”, and who is willing to talk to us about there experience.
Please feel free to contact me via e-mail, and/or through phone, 954-622-6341.


Alex Zequeira
Special Projects

almost lost my cat

We used Hartz on our two cats. One was fine but the female, Blaze, got very sick. She was all jittery and skittish. I called the 1-800 number and they told me to bathe her which I did. We finally took her to the vet. She almost died. The vet told us he knew of so many cases of people losing their cats because of this poison.

I wanted to sue. I wrote letters and posted on the Internet and I even put post-it notes with warnings on the displays in the stores – I hope that finally Hartz will see how much pain they are causing and pull this junk off the market.

What you are doing is awesome

Sender’s Name: Christy
Sender’s Email: ccsez
Message: Josh-
what you are doing is awesome-I just wish I would have found this site a little
sooner, unfortunatly My 2 yr old Baby boy is sick and had 2 seiszures 6-04-04
because of the advanced Hartz flea drops, after rushing to the emergency vet and
being sent home knowing what caused it but no good solutions, I have taken him
to his regular Vet Hospital and he is being treated for poisoning and being
observed over night..Please everyone Pray Hartz does not make yet another Victim
out of me or our precious baby boy.

orlando fla

Fat Albert fell down

In my ignorance, I killed my sweet kitty, Fat Albert. I thought, if they sell it in supermarkets, it’s safe. I inherited two cats when I moved a few months ago. They took to me immediately, and I to them. I love animals. One lived, one did not. I put Hartz flea drops on them. I did not warrant a minor flea problem as much of a threat as with my percieved expense of time away from my business and a visit to the vet, although I could have afforded it easily. Convenience was the key for me. And the trust in over the counter medications because of fda regulations. So many things have been moved to that arena over the last ten years that a person cannot keep up with deregulation from prescription. Bear in mind I hadn’t had pets in years, so things have changed dramatically in those fields veterinarywise. Bottom line I found out is ignorance kills. I guarantee you if the situation were reversed and these products were in the infant aisle, they would be removed posthaste. I will move heaven and earth to see these products removed from the shelves of our supermarkets. I would urge everyone to shower, no inundate your congressmen with phone calls, emails, physical letters to remove this threat from our midst. As I was bringing Fat Albert’s lifeless, euthanised body home from the vet for burial this morning, the song Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison was playing on the radio. I heard it again tonight as I was driving around with the window down trying to dry my tears. I killed him. There was no head-butting on my leg to greet me when I came home from work tonight. We had a ritual. I couldn’t do anything else until I petted Fat Albert first. The CEO’s at Hartz have probably never smelled fresh earth as it is being dug to bury a loved one. I have blisters on my hands, and they have blood on theirs. I have learned over the years how to get what I want, and I want these poisonous companies out of business with a righteous vengeance. We are to be caretakers of animals, not killers.

Shame on Hartz..How does anyone affiliated sleep at night.

Last night I had to bring my 2.5 yr old cat to the emergency vet after he suffered adverse effects from Hartz flea and tick drops plus. A few hours after applying the drops he began to twitch, his pupils became dialated, and he was acting scared and uneasy…not normal for one of the most easygoing cats on the east coast. I immediatly washed the area, but the twitches turned into tremors so I contacted the emergency service who told me to rewash the area with dawn dish detergent and bring him in asap. When I arrived they were concerned but not at all surprised to see yet another cat fall victim to Hartz, with whom they have informed repeatidly about the adverse effects to no avail. Fortunatly I was able to bring my cat home this morning after overnight treatment and observation. Shame on Hartz for having overwhelming data on the pure poison of their product(s) and continuing to sell it to the public.

I don’t know if she’s going to make it !!!!!!!!

I have an 8 month old Himalayan, and she had fleas bad. I am a middle class person with a family living paycheck to paycheck call it stupidity but I was in wal-mart and saw this flea drops for cats by hartz for alot cheaper then the good stuff so I used it. with in 4 to 6 hours after using it my cat started acting strange then like a switch she started to twitch and shake like a sesure I didn’t know what to do for her so I rinsed and wiped the area and prayed for the best ( this was around 3am) I had to leave for work in the morning (7am) and she was still twitching I have never felt so bad ( here I am a vet from the Army and I’ve seen alot of things but it still was tearing me apart inside because I WAS THE ONE WHO DID THIS TO MY FRIEND AND FAMILY MEMBER) MY WIFE IS TAKING THE CAT TO THE VET AS I AM WRITTING THIS,ALL I CAN DO NOW IS PRAY AND HOPE FOR THE BEST . I HOPE THIS WILL STOP SOMEONE ELSE BEFORE ITS TO LATE……… How in the Heck can the Us Goverment find this safe for animals Hartz needs to be band so noone else has to go threw this. I’M SORRY I JUST NEEDED TO VENT I AM SADDEN BY THE FACT THAT SO MANY PEOPLE HAD PROBLUMS WITH THIS COMPANY AND THERE SEEM TO BE NOTHING WE CAN DO TO STOP THEM. THE GOVERMENT DOSEN’T LISTEN AND OF COURSE THE COMPANY SAY’S IT HASEN’T GOT A PROBLUM ,THIS ONLY HAPPENS TO A SMALL NUMBER OF CATS. SO IT’S NOT A PROBLUM…..



Hartz on sale at Albertsons

I have 2 cats that have recently come down with fleas. I spoke to my Mom and she told me that the Hartz drops do not work and to go to the vet to get Advantage. After work, tired and wanting to just go home, I went to Albertsons to grocery shop. I noticed that the Hartz drops were on sale (wonder why- ha). I picked up a box and thought I would just give my cats the drops until I could make it to the vet. I thought- hey, can’t hurt- right? Well, all I have to say is that I am glad my Mom’s words were ringing in my head. I decided not to buy the drops because they would just be a waste of money. Now I find out that it could have killed my babies. I made it to PetSmart the next night. Even though my cats had to itch and scratch one more night- they are here with me- and not scratching anymore. Advantage can be found online for a very discounted price. I have found it for 6 dollars per application. WELL WORTH IT!!!