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Message: My name is Alex Zequeira with WTVJ NBC 6 News in Miami, Florida. I
am looking for someone who has video of his or her cat experiencing an adverse
reaction to the HARTZ flea medication. We are doing a story about this product,
and video of cats acting out of place as a result of using the medication would
really be helpful. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me
at 954-622-6341.

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Sponsor of AKC Veterinary Outreach Program & Hartz’s Plan for the Pet Fan

Hartz Mountain Corporation Becomes Official Sponsor of AKC Veterinary Outreach Program
[Thursday, June 17, 2004]
The American Kennel Club (AKC) is proud to announce a new relationship with The Hartz Mountain Corporation to become the official sponsor of the AKC Veterinary Outreach Program.

The AKC Veterinary Outreach Program unites the world of purebred dogs with the veterinary community through educational initiatives aimed at veterinarians, veterinary students and veterinary technicians. The program provides resources in support of veterinary students, practitioners and researchers, providing a forum for the exchange of information about canine health and welfare, as well as scholarships for future practitioners and researchers.

Hartz’s Plan for the Pet Fan
June 18, 2004
By: Mickey Alam Khan
Senior Editor
[email protected]

Hartz Mountain Corp., the world’s leading maker of pet-care products, is concluding a $10 million, two-year rebranding effort with an ad campaign that partly spoofs television’s current reality makeover craze. The direct response TV component of an effort that includes print and the Web site shows pets getting the ultimate makeover using an array of Hartz products. Consumers are encouraged to call or go online for free sample packs as well as register for Hartz news and offers. “This is part of a total brand makeover for Hartz — products, packaging and the actual customer advertising,” said Steve Thibodeau, president of Hartz direct agency dotglu, New York. “They’re rebuilding the brand inside out. They felt this is the right time to go to market. They’re the No. 1 player, and they own so many categories on the shelf space. But what’s happening is that small companies are stealing mind share.” The 60-second infomercial on national cable and some local channels is a key foot soldier
in influencing consumer attitudes. It shows a team of hosts arriving at a couple’s house. The pets are ragged and disheveled. After a quick review, the pets are taken to a studio and groomed. They are then dropped back in a limo. Products used in that ad include Hartz Pet Shoppe Living Botanicals shampoos, Hartz Dental Breath-Strips and Hartz Advanced Care Brand Flea and Tick Drops Plus. The spot urges viewers to call a toll-free number for a free product sample pack worth $20 to $25. They also can visit the site at www.hartz.com. The sample pack, which also contains literature and coupons for store redemption, itself is a fluorescent orange case with a zipper. It looks like a toiletries bag and contains products for dogs, cats, birds, fish or reptiles, whatever the pet owner requests. The bag bears this line: “Fabulous Pet Makeover at Home.” “The goal is getting packages into people’s hands and getting names in the database so that we can start up a relationship marketing program,”
Thibodeau said. Hartz.com supports that effort. No longer cluttered, the site zeroes in on the ties between pets and their owners with images that reinforce health and joy. “We need to inspire these consumers through all of the imagery and content, engage them and ultimately motivate them to buy these products,” Thibodeau said. The site provides information and offers but does not sell products. Visitors can sign up for coupons and e-mail newsletters. Hartz, Secaucus, NJ, claims a sizable database but does not disclose the numbers. Preceding the TV and online efforts is a print campaign in Dog Fancy, Dog World and Cat Fancy magazines running since April. Created by dotglu sister agency kirshenbaum bond + partners, New York, the ads promote Hartz Advanced Care Brand Flea and Tick Drops Plus. Print discusses products and benefits. There are also trade media and promotions. Dotglu is sure the DRTV spot will work, more so in a TV environment rife with popular makeover shows like “Queer
Eye for the Straight Guy,” “Trading Spaces,” “While You Were Out” and “Extreme Makeover.” Pet owners may appreciate the humor in the sell. “No one owns the idea of transformation,” Thibodeau said. “The strategy here is, if you were a pet, you would choose Hartz — that’s how pet owners internalize their relationship with their pets.”

Smokey may die

My cat is now hospitalized and may die. My story is similar to everyone elses. I did not know what Hartz products could do to him. He is now on an IV and if not better by tomarrow, they will run a tox screen on his liver. It has been 3 days and he can not stand up, eat or drink. He just drools and cries. I can only pray that someday Hartz is stopped.

Hartz Flea Shampoo

I’ve always bathed my cat in baby shampoo (non-animal tested) twice a year. I had brought my two cats, Sabre and Zoe’ to a neighbors house while I was away. Ordinarily I leave them home with extra food, litter and water, but this time was the only time I had left them with a friend. Unbeknownst to me, my friend’s house was flea-invested and when I picked up my poor kitties, they were covered in fleas. I picked up a bottle of Hartz at my local supermarket for a one-time use to rid them of the fleas.

About an hour after I had blow-dryed my kitty, Sabre, he jumped in my lap, buried his head and began to moan. I called our vet and she said Hartz is terrible and can be poisonous to animals and I should bathe him again right away in dish detergent, or the baby shampoo I normally use. I did so, but he still moaned in my lap. I felt awful. I had no idea Hartz or any company would be allowed to put such a product on the shelves. I normally avoid all cleaning chemicals, etc to protect my animals and I was extremely distraught that something like this could get past me.

I rushed my cat to the emergency vet who said I was very fortunate. Most cats, he said, will run and hide and by the time you discover them it’s too late. My cat has always been a “mama’s boy” and so he came to his mama and told me he was not well. The vet gave him some antibiotics and after a rough night, my cat was fine. What upset me even more is the vet said he sees at least one pet per week poisoned from Hartz flea shampoo or drops, yet he has never been able to do anything about it. He also said most pets he sees do not survive b/c the owners had no idea and waited too long to bring them in.

I wrote to Hartz and sent them a copy of my vet bill with the diagnosis on it. Hartz replied and, in short, blew me off.

I wrote to my news station who said they could not launch an investigation on the matter.

I then stood in the pet isle of my supermarket and told everyone who even looked at the product my story. I still do whenever I shop and I hope everyone else will do the same and we can hopefully put Hartz out of business.

Not A Horror Story

I have nine cats and had been using another flea and tick medication for them until my son bought a whole year’s supply of Hartz on e-bay. After I received the medication, I started to hear the horror stories about this product. Even my vet said that Hartz caused violent reactions in cats plus it didn’t work. I contacted Hartz and they mentioned that in some instances people had problems. Since I had the medication, I decided to try it. I’ve had worse reactions with other medications than this one. Only one of my cats had a problem and that was some itching where the medication was applied. No fleas, no ticks, no dead kitties. This medication is working excellently. I live in a very rural area where we have extreemly heavy tick and flea infestation. Considering I have nine cats of varing ages from six months to 13 years old, I would have thought that if there were serious problems with this medication at least one of the animals would have experienced it?

News about purchase of Hartz Company

Japanese Company to Buy Hartz Mountain for $366 Million

By Zachery Kouwe The Associated Press
Published: Jun 18, 2004

NEW YORK (Dow Jones/AP) – Investment fund J.W. Childs Associates LP has agreed to sell Hartz Mountain Corp., which makes pet products, to Japanese trading firm Sumitomo Corp. for about 40 billion yen, or $366 million.
The deal is expected to close next week. Hartz, of Secaucus, N.J., employs about 2,200 people.

Hartz makes more than 1,500 products, including flea collars, chew toys and drugs for depressed animals.

Boston-based J.W. Childs purchased Hartz in 2000 for a reported $328 million.

The move by Sumitomo reflects the growing market for pet-related products, the Japanese company said.

Sumitomo, the world’s fourth-largest trading firm, said it plans to increase the number of products that Hartz offers and raise its annual sales 70 percent to $500 million in five years.

The company said the U.S. pet supplies market is estimated to be worth about $8 billion.

Sumitomo also plans to expand Hartz into overseas markets with an emphasis on the rapidly growing Japanese market, according to Hartz’s chief executive, Robert Devine.

“We are going to continue with the current strategic plan and management will remain in place,” he said.

AP-ES-06-18-04 1204EDT

Thank goodness we were lucky…

I heard about how Hartz has lawsuits against them because of poor kitties dying, and I instantly felt both horror, and /guilt/, because either or both of my furbabies could’ve become statistics… I’ve used the Hartz Advanced Flea and Tick drops on my boys, and fortunately my story doesn’t have a sad ending.

But it scares me to think how close it could’ve come to that.. I only used it for one month on both, and then a second application on one of my boys while I was waiting for the Program(tm) I’d bought online to arrive in the mail..

I said I’d never buy it again, because not only did it smell horrible and make me uncomfortable to touch my boys, ’cause they had chemicals on their heads, but the damn stuff didn’t even WORK!

It’s horrifying that big conglomo-corperations like this can get away with selling a product to an intentionally uninformed public, risking the lives of our surrogate children, and it’s ok w/ the government because “It’s only a few cats” or whatever who’s in charge of regulating things like this uses as a cop-out..

I truly hope that this campaign is successful, and that Hartz is made to pay for the things they have done to families. I will definately spread the word to all the animal lovers I know to not risk their furbabies’ lives with this cheap crap!

2 cats lives saved by this site

Well, I had put some of Fartz? drops on both of my kitties. One, who was barely old enough for her brand of the drops, immiediately freaked and scratched at the spot. I thought nothing of it since it’s her first encounter with flea medicine. Little did I know this was merely a concentrated insecticide.

The other got lethargic and started to have muscle contractions. I remembered the box saying that this was a sign of a bad reaction. I checked on the net and then promptly gave both kitties baths. Both are back to their old selves 24 hours later.

I will _never_ use anything on my cats without checking it out from now on. Like many who have lost cats to Fartz?, I thought that the EPA and FDA were on our side. Apparently Fartz? has more pull than we ever will. If Fartz? didn’t have pull, their product would be off of the shelves.

I’ve written my congressman and house representative and asked that they do something about this poison being sold to unsuspecting consumers.

What I don’t understand is why Hartz is fighting the recall of this product. I’ll ___never___ buy another hartz product again. Not even their friggin water bottles.