The guilt is killing me…..

This past Friday, I used the spot on OTC flea stuff on my 2 cats. Within an hour, both cats were acting very strange. Like a big stupid dope, I went out to dinner anyway. When I returned home my 26 pound cat was curled up around the toilet with eyes as big as saucers and scared to death. The smaller cat was having terrible convulsions and could not walk. She was crying uncontrollably at the top of her little lungs. I was horrified. I called the only emergency animal hospital around, that was an entire county away, and they told me to get the cat in ASAP. I drove 95 mph the whole way there……damned be the police at that point! The vet there told me that if I had not rushed my precious little kitty there she would have died without help. My fat cat made it through because he was 3 times the size as the others. He was “high” for 2 solid days. It cost me over $500 and 3 days of stress to make my kitty well, but no amount of money will ever fix the guilt I feel for almost killing her. I am just sick over the whole ordeal. Not only did I throw out the OTC crap, I also destroyed all the Rx stuff for my dogs and horses. I don’t know if the same stuff is in all of it, but I NEVER want to put another animal through something like that again. They can just get fleas. I’ll spend the rest of my life dipping them if that is what it takes. Good God what is wrong with a company that makes and markets a product like this to unsuspecting people and the animals they so deeply love?!?!?!

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