advanced flea drops made my cat sick!!!

I purchased the hartz advanced care flea drops this weekend b/c I hadn’t gotten a chance to go to the vet for the “real” drops. I figured if anything they just wouldn’t work very well, but would work until i could get them into the vet. I applied it to both of my cats. one cat seemed fine, but the other one started drooling/foaming at the mouth. I figured she must have licked a little off and it made her salivate. I rinsed her mouth out and she seemed fine. she really wasn’t happy, hissed a lot and seemed very lethargic. I figured she was just mad b/c I had put on the medicine. I decided to do a little research online and was SHOCKED and STUNNED to find out that so many cats have had problems with these drops! I watched the video of the cats getting sick, and last night my poor baby threw up a tiny bit. I immediately washed that poison off of her and my other cat. (yes they also STILL have fleas) after washing it off they both seem ok. They have started eating again, playing, and no more throwing up. but I am still very very concerned. I called the vet and made an appt for them to take a look at the cats, and to get the real drops. unfortunately I can’t see the vet until July 13th, so I’m going to have to keep a very close eye on both of them until they can go. if they throw up or have any twitching or drooling or anything odd I am shipping them directly to the pet ER. I don’t want to take any chances. I am horrified that they sell this product in my grocery store. I plan on gathering information to present to them and asking for them to remove the item from their shelves. I am outraged at hartz and will boycott them as well as tell everyone I know to boycott them. I wish there was a way to force hartz to take this product off the market. just re-labeling it is NOT enough! how can they sleep at night knowing they are killing our beloved animals?!!!!! Hartz needs to be stopped!!

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