Medicated Shampoo Caused Seizure in my Beagle

Recently I bathed my 3yr old Beagle with Hartz Medicated Shampoo because she had a little dandruff and some scratching issues. A little later in the day I was going about my business when all of the sudden she started going into a seizure. She fell over on the floor and all of her muscles tightened while she shook. All I could do was try to talk to her and confort her through this terrible episode until after a minute she finally relaxed. At this point she began drooling and panting and was obviously exhausted from the event. Later in the day she also experienced diarhhea and an unsettled stomach. We have never had anything the least bit wrong with our girl until this. To me her symptoms were consistent with a possible poisonous reaction so I consulted my vet.

After talking with my vet he informed me that all too often the over the counter medicated products like the ones made by Hartz are inconsistent with their ingredient amounts and therefore potentially harmful batches are put out on the shelves unknown to us until we see our pets suffereing! I contacted Hartz but was quickly and somewhat rudely brushed off and told that “…nothing in our (Hartz) products could do that.” When I requested a list of the shampoo’s ingredients, since they are not listed on the label, I was denied that information. This upset me and especially my husband who happens to be a (bio)chemist and was very interested in the ingredients. I write this only to warn and urge people not to use these products so they will not have to go through the agony of seeing their beloved companions suffereing due to the irresponsibility of product manufacturers. Thankfully it appears that our Beagle is now doing well and should make a full recovery.

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