Hartz Mountain Corp….. sick bastards!

I purchased Hartz flea and tick drops for my cat at the local target, I am ashamed that I didn’t take the warnings more seriously, although they could have put: Causes severe seizures and death in most cats! on it. but anyway, about 6 hours after i applied it, my cat Farley, started to have severe tremours, and when he got to the vets office, he had two nearly fatal seizures. I don’t konw how they can be allowed to sell such an incideous product, and not even label it properly. DON’T BUY OR APPLY THIS PRODUCT, OR ANY OF HARTZ’S PRODUCTS TO YOUR PETS. NEARLY ALL OF THEM CONTAIN THE INGREDIANTS THAT NEARLY KILLED MY BEST FRIEND! And if you think they will reimberse you for the bills you encounter soon, think again, they do an” investigation ” that takes at least 6 weeks, and then they tell you if they will reimberse, you, I’m still waiting to know if I’m going to have to cope with the 700 dollar veternary bill they pushed on me.

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